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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

miss b loves.......Paul bakery and pâtisserie

Tartelette citron

I first discovered Paul in Lille, Northern France which is where it all began way back in 1889 (well, the very first bakery was actually in Croix, near Lille). I have now visited quite a few on my travels (the branch at The Walk, JBR Dubai is a favourite) Now there are about 300 branches worldwide and several in London including Covent Garden, King's Road and of course there just had to be one in Baker Street!! Although Paul is a large chain, the bread is baked on the premises of each shop and it really feels like an independent neighbourhood bakery.

The bread is amazing, not to mention the pastries,sandwiches and salads which are equally delicious. It's a great place for breakfast too before hitting the shops and as a francophile, as soon as I enter and smell the bread and pastries I am immediately transported back to my days living 'en France'!
Pain de campagne-just perfect lightly toasted!
Apparently you can now learn how to bake their bread at the Covent Garden branch (and have Afternooon Tea whilst it's baking - what a good idea!) I'm also impressed with their website too where there are tips on French manners/etiquette (with amusing references to Paul products)and you can also have a quick French lesson ......... 
'Ce gâteau au chocolat a l’air merveilleux. Pourrais-je en avoir une part? Ce gâteau est sans calories, n’est-ce pas?'
('That chocolate cake looks wonderful. Please may I have a slice? There are no calories in that are there?')

miss b recommends:
  • picking up a Paul loyalty card- trust me you will keep returning! Register it on line for a free large coffee and croissant or pain au chocolat and start collecting points etc.
  • the tartelette citron with its melt in the mouth pastry and gorgeous lemon filling



  1. Really The bread is amazing looks seriously yummy and are so creative! Thank you so so so so much for the site and the amazing recipes and post

  2. Just found this while catching up on your blog. I first found Paul on a gas stop on the drive from Paris to Normandy..We couldn't believe this amazing bakery was on the road. It so wouldn't happen in the states where the best you get is cruddy fast food. We drove off with the loveliest pastries and cappuccinos and I have been dreaming on Paul ever since. Good to know they are in London. I will not miss it when I'm there! Wish we had it in the states.



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