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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

miss b loves .......a trip to London (Part Two)

Day 2 in London started with a  visit to Selfridges on Oxford Street and I couldn't resist taking a couple of photos of the new Mulberry Willow Collection...

Then it was off to St Paul's Cathedral and the beautiful 'Young Lovers' statue.......

and round the corner to another Paul's........

 .......for a taste of France......

...before walking across London Bridge......

The last time I saw Tower Bridge, the Olympic Rings were hanging from it!

...and finally I have photos of The Shard without the cranes, now that it is finished....

The tallest building in the European Union, it certainly deserves its name as it really does look like a shard of glass.......

Covent Garden was my next port of call and I'm always intrigued by the street entertainers and the human statues. These two really did seem to be floating on air.....

This pink taxi also caught my eye ........

....and I quickly popped into my favourite tea shop...Tea Palace for a caddy of relaxing Twilight tea...a blend of peppermint, lavender and camomile.....

.......and then we went over to the Notting Hill area in search of.....Biscuiteers biscuit boutique and icing café.....

where you can ice your own biscuit or simply buy one of their wonderful creations.......

..and we were just around the corner from Portobello Road.....

and these beautiful pastel coloured townhouses........

London is a city to which I can return time and time again.........to revisit favourite spots and there's always something to discover.....

PS If you missed Part 1 of the London trip click here

As for London hotels, we have stayed in quite a few in recent years but our favourite is still Threadneedles, a 5* boutique hotel which I reviewed here 

For a less expensive alternative, last summer during the Olympics, we enjoyed the Thistle Euston, a minimalist 4* hotel, a few minutes walk from both Euston station and the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras.

During this most recent trip, we stayed at The Cumberland, a very large, contemporary hotel particularly popular with business travellers. The main advantage is its location on Oxford Street next to Marble Arch tube station.


  1. I agree that London is a city where there are always things and places to discover. The lavender tea at Tea Palace must taste so good. I always enjoy visiting London. A

  2. Love your pictures of London! Thanks for always taking us through your adventures through what you say, did and even ate...love it! My favorite was the pictures of the street performers and the pink taxi! Also, I didn't know there was a Young Lovers statue! I will have to see that on our next visit! If you have a chance, I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out my latest post...and stay tuned for tomorrow's giveaway! Have a great day.

    xo Grace

  3. What a comprehensive tour of London.. I think you did more in your visit than I do in a year... that's the trouble when you are so familiar with a city... you take it for granted...
    Glad you had a wonderful time... xv

  4. Love all your pics! Thank you so much for your tips! I'm so jealous! Would love to go to Ldn!

  5. Miss B, thank you for the virtual eye candy! We could be shopping buddies, because I adore the same stores! Gosh I know Biscuiteers, Selfridges and Paul's was nice! Loving that pink cab! Around Christmas there was a Tiffany's wrapped in a bow cab. HaHaHa London is so unique. Will check out the links to these hotels.

  6. I've visited London in 2004, and loved it so much! I was with my University there and since I studied law, we had legal walking tours, we went on a PArliament session, and in Royal COurt of Justice and other "legal" things, but I loved it! WOuld like to go back...Thanks for these lovely pictures! Ilina

  7. What a wonderful post!

    It looks so great and SO London.....

    Makes absolutely full impression about your trip,I like London so much and so glad ,you has a very good time there!:-)*

    Sending my hugs from Amsterdam,

  8. Loving that pinky bag in the front - only thing is - It wouldn't stay that silky colour for long. We've been gone from London for ten years now and when we went back two years ago I found it so changed most of the streets weren't recognisable

  9. Once again your photos are making me crave a LDN trip! :)


  10. Beautiful photos and post!!! I love London!
    Have a good week, dear! and my g+ for you...

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. My heart skips a beat every time I pass that Mulberry store. Selfridges, also a long time favourite. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week. xx/Madison

  12. Looks like a wondeful trip! Those Mulberry bags are to die for. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  13. Looks like you had fun as usual!

    You were in my neck of the woods. But I still haven't gone in the biscuiteers!

    I should bc those cookies look good...

    I also love tea palace. Love the pics and seeing London thru another person's eyes!

  14. Wow, so jealous of your time in London.It's my dream vacation. Love the pictures :)


  15. I miss London so much and I enjoyed this virtual trip through your eyes Miss B. Thank you :-)

  16. J'adore Londres..

    belle soirée


  17. How much I miss London! I love this post and the pictures!!
    Enjoy the rest of the week!!

    xoxo MM

  18. Lovely photos...that Mulberry willow looks amazing:)

  19. Great post and as I only live 50 miles away I should go there more often!

  20. On our list this year, we revisit it quite often :) I know what you mean!

  21. Wonderful!

  22. When I read in your previous post that you had stayed near Marble Arch, the Cumberland popped straight into my mind! Great pics; I truly miss this city.


  23. Miss B, have enjoyed all your photos, you made me want to travel to London right now!:) Is a fantastic city full of things to see and discover:) Yum for the buiscuit shop:) Kisses! xo


  24. Fantastic pictures Really love this post!!!


  25. love every image , feels like i'v taken a trip to London .

    xo Meg<3

  26. I obviously need to plan another visit - there is so much that seems so familiar and yet it's not because I've been there in person, it's because I've been there via everyone else's blogs including yours. I think it's time to rectify that, besides which I really want to see those biscuiteer biscuits!

  27. looks wonderful We are getting Mr Selfridge on PBS Easter Sunday and I cannot wait It looks like a great show! Thanx for the pix !!


    1. I really enjoyed the Mr Selfridge series.

  28. I love London and may be visiting again this summer - great images!!

  29. Selfridges almost makes me dizzy there is so much to look at. I also love saint Paul's

  30. i love love london - so jealous of your trip

  31. London is on our itinerary the next couple years. this is quite an inspiration to get us moving . . .

  32. I'm waiting for your haul posts next :)

  33. I can't wait until I finally visit London. Hope you had/are having fun!!

    14th & Peachtree

  34. You look like you had a great time, can't wait to visit London again and I can't wait to for that show about Selfridge's to start. It starts this Sunday here in the states.

    Ali of


  35. I do love London - for sightseeing it's amazing and you are right, it's one of those places you can go back to time and time again and even visit the same places/sites without getting bored. I always loving popping to Selfridges London and Covent Garden when I'm there, even though I've been so many times ( I loved in London whilst at uni).

    Don't you just love Pauls - their omlettes are the best I have ever tasted and I'm a fussy eater!

    Great summary of your trip hun


  36. Oooohh!! My sister lives on the opposite corner of Biscuiteers!! This is my favourite area of all!! ;-)


  37. I miss London sooooo much!! Seriously there is so much randomness in that city, it's crazy!! I cannot imagine living there and being bored! One day I will have enough money to move back!

    Love your blog, would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin'?

    Sophisticated Lace

  38. I just love reading your travel posts, B. They always make me feel as if I'm walking along beside you dropping into all of these fabulous places too. You do such a great job at describing your days! It was fun to see the London Bridge of my childhood nursery rhyme and the street entertainers were amazing, can't figure out how they were staying in mid-air! Loved the pink taxi, the pastel houses and those sweet frosted "biscuits!" Thanks for sharing the details, love ... have a wonderful upcoming weekend! xo ~S

    SANDY M Illustration

  39. I really loved this post, and will go check out part 1. I've never been to London, looking at your photos I'd love to go. Thanks for sharing!


  40. what can I say - I'm jealous!!!, great trip, Happy Easter

  41. I've only had the chance to spend a couple of days in london. would love to go back, especially after reading this post! have a great easter! - ps thanks for adding me to your blog roll :) I've added you too. x

  42. Lovely photos! An afternoon at Paul's sounds delightful and in that Tea Palace. London is definitely at the top of my bucket list.

  43. Amazing pictures! I'm like you I could go back to London anytime it always something left to discover and I haven't see the Sard yet.
    Glad you finally stopped by Convent Garden my always favourite.
    Ps. Have a great Easter

  44. Nice travel post and beautiful photos.
    I haven't been to London in five years now and I'm really looking forward to going back, even if it's just for a weekend. London is one of my favourite cities, there's something really special about it that makes you feel welcome no matter where you come from. I also love Paul :)

    Have a nice weekend!

  45. Ahhhh, it would be so wonderful to go to London. LOVE THAT PINK TAXI! I would definately have to go into the Tea Palace, as I love tea. Those buscuits look so yummy. The girls just loved London when they went there a few years ago. I really enjoy seeing your travel photos. It's like I am traveling there with you.

    Happy Easter.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  46. soooooo jelous!!!!!
    I cant wait to go back to London!!!

  47. Miss B,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Loved reading your posts. This was great because I am headed to London this Summer. I am keeping note of all these little spots. We are actually staying at The Cumberland. I hope it will be nice. I just wanted to be somewhere we could pop in and out of fast while being close to everything.

    Thanks for all the great tips...Off to read part 1. Great blog!


  48. Another post I will return when I go back to London. Tea Palace I had tried when they were in Notting Hill, I want to revisit it. Biscuits look so much fun, that I must try as well. And the Shard is impressive, the tallest, that is news to me : ) I am curious about those flying entertainers too : )


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