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Thursday, 16 January 2014

miss b loves .....a touch of France in Dubai!

Dubai has a huge expat population and is a truly multi-cultural city. All the major international brands are represented from Bloomingdales and Marks & Spencer to Pottery Barn and Zara ... not to mention all the designer brands. It's possible to eat just about every cuisine too!

As a true francophile, I'm drawn to all things French especially French cafés and there's no shortage in Dubai......Paul, Le Nôtre, Fauchon are a few of our favourites but I've been waiting for the opening of .......

It's finally open!

We first visited the iconic  Angelina in Paris a few years ago and I can still remember my first sip of their velvety smooth signature hot chocolate. I knew exactly what to order in the new Angelina, Dubai. No need to look at the menu ...it had to be the chocolat chaud ......

Served with a pot of cream and
 just as decadent as I remember!

Next stop...Repetto......

Memories of my ballet class days and squeezing my feet into my pointe shoes! The main purpose of the visit was to buy their new perfume. A delicate, flowery, feminine daytime fragrance. I love the attention to detail. Pink ballet shoe ribbons on the box and bottle .........

....and the prettiest perfume tester cards ever!

A quick tour of Galéries Lafayette and then on to Eugénie Les Gourmandises 1856, in Souk al Bahar. Inspired by Empress Eugénie, who apparently liked to serve a lavish afternoon tea to her guests, this brand new chic pâtisserie and salon de thé has been created around three French pastries... the choux, macaron and brioche.

The Rendez-vous Citron and Choux Citron - délicieux!

Pâtissier Theo Pelleschi has created 'The Rendez-vous', an exclusive, elaborately decorated macaron in a variety of wonderful flavours.

A picture of Empress Eugénie and a selection
 of Mariages Frères teas, served in the salon de thé

Back to the shopping.......Promod can always be relied on for inexpensive everyday neutrals and basics and as it was Dubai Shopping Festival (when all the shops have special offers) I managed to snap up a couple of bargains too.......

textured fine knit cardigan
 oversized jumper with batwing sleeves
long-sleeved tee shirts

During our stay we visited Brioche Dorée on The Promenade, Dubai Marina a couple of times. A well-known French chain, it's ideal for a quick coffee and  pastry or a freshly prepared snack and the staff are so friendly and welcoming too....

and finally .........

The World Exhibition held in Paris in 1889 gave us the iconic Eiffel Tower, the most visited paid monument in the world ......


You may have read that Dubai's bid to host the World Expo 2020 has been successful. I wonder what they will have in store for us. Something very special I'm sure....Congratulations to Dubai!


  1. C'est amusant de voir toutes ces marques françaises, plus ou moins chic, présentes à Dubai ! Le Rendez-vous au citron semble délicieux... je suis fan des pâtisseries au citron ;) Belle et heureuse année à toi aussi !

  2. Miss B, I wanna pack my stuff and travel to Dubai right now!:) I didnt know Angelina, the hot chocolate looks smooth and really velvety, yum! The Repetto fragrance inspires me, must be very delicate and feminine. Oh Brioche Dorée, when I was in Paris last year, I went there many times, remember the huge pain au chocolate! Kisses! xo

  3. Bonjour miss b. That's it, I'm sold. I am leaving Seattle and moving to Dubai. I will have all French things, with sunnier skies than in Paris. Excellent. :-)

    Thank you for your visit today. I believe there was a *snaffu* with the last blogpost . Sections seemed to be missing when I saw your comment this morning. Would you mind stopping by again and letting me know if you remember reading Parts 6 and 7? That would be very helpful, as I tried to fix the problem... Merci beaucoup!

    Oh, et bonne année, bien sûr, avec beaucoup de beaux voyages exotiques !

  4. Repetto ballerinas are definitely on my wishlist! Love the sweet looking cakes; my stomach is rumbling...

  5. Hello Miss B
    This is the first time i visit your blog, and i think is wonderful, i was shopping and enjoy the chocolat, also this colerfull cupcakes was really delicious!!
    It war really inspirated been hiar! : )
    i am spanish and i have also a blog, i will be really happy if you visit me.
    See you later
    Thanks for share with all we all your beuty thinks!!


  6. How utterly decadent!! Thank you for sharing..yum!

  7. That hot chocolate looks divine and I am craving a cake right now! I love your new clothes also:) Have a great weekend!

  8. I seriously want the chandelier in the first pic. It's elegant enough without going kitch with the crystals

  9. Dear Miss B! HELLO! Dubai must be an exciting and fascinating place. And I too am a Francophile and love anything the French do! Oh how I love Le Nôtre! Angelina's too has the best hot chocolate en ville!

    Thank you so much for coming by to visit earlier today! Big hugs across the world...Anita

  10. Ohhhhhhh Miss B! My mind is still on ANGELINA. How charming is it!!!! Gosh, the doors...the floors...the chandeliers! That is my kind of place. That hot chocolate is like no other. I could just taste it. Exemplary! HaHa I've hear of Repettos. I was looking of ballet flats and came across them. They're awesome. I didn't know they had a perfume. Those testers are lovely. Everything is so divine. Again, thank you for sharing your adventures.

  11. This post has me positively swooning, Miss B! I am a francophile just like you - as you know well - and just the site of an Angelina, even an Angelina-Coming-Soon, is enough to make my little heart skip a beat. Their hot chocolate is always divine and it looks like it lost nothing in translation when it was brought to Dubai. You've made me even more anxious for my visit to Paris in March!

  12. Everything is Wow! Looks like Dubai is attracting all of the World class luxury Brands and even Angelina for hot chocolate in the Dessert.

  13. I know that feeling when you see something from your past - I feel the same way when I see someone playing the piano. Everything looks so elegant and beautifully ornamented - especially the cupcakes! Love the cardigan!

  14. The ballet shop is so stunning. As usual you leave me starving with your lovely food posts. I do think Dubai has managed to capture the essence of French culture in these shops. It is such a unique place. Have a lovely weekend

  15. What an absolutely lovely Friday post! If it weren't for you;) I would never have known that Dubai is such a multicultural city. Your photos ~ and the places you take us are so much fun! Have a nice weekend! xxleslie

  16. I would never have thought that even the humble Brioche Dorée would have had premises in Dubaï ! As a French person, I cannot imagine the prestige that French products have abroad especially since I'm rather more of an Anglophile myself !! I have that Repetto perfume but I haven't used it yet; it was actually a present.. somehow the evocation of the smell of shoes, be they pointes, didn't attract me ! Do you like it ? xxx

    1. I'm happy to report that it doesn't smell of ballet shoes! I like it as it's a very light feminine fragrance ideal for
      every day. A change from my daytime favourites Coco Mademoiselle or Jour D'Hermès.

  17. Oh, that hot chocolate looks so good, and so does the French pastries. You know, I love perfume bottles I think more than I like the perfume. I collect them, and every time I see a very unique one, I have to buy it. Angelina sounds like a delightful place.

    Have a fun weekend doing all the things you love.


  18. What a treat, hot chocolate :) yummy!

  19. Very charming, especially the hot chocolate :D

  20. Lovely post I really have to get to Angelina one of these days Hopefully when I visit Paris it will be at the top of my to do list! Thank you for showing me so much of Dubai !! Very enjoyable !!

  21. Lovely indeed, and touch of France anywhere at anytime is just right. :)

    Have a great weekend. Xo


  22. Amazing post!
    Love those flats!


  23. Such a lovely post. Hot chocolate from Angelina, oh my that looks very good. Have a lovely Sunday!x

  24. Great post!!! Dubai must be an awesome place!!!
    Have a nice sunday!!! and my g+ for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  25. I absolutely love this post. it's been a long while since I've been, but my bf has to go to Dubai for work, so I will have to recommend many of these places that you always mention. The jumper and cardigan is my favourite. I hope you had a lovely weekend Miss b. xx./Madison

  26. Wow, Now I am truly convinced that Dubai has everything you could possibly want, so exciting to see Angelina's there. You could make one trip there but experience so many different shopping cultures from around the globe. I am always grateful for your kind comments...Have a great week ahead!

  27. mmmh des macaronnns!!


  28. Now I got a really French impression about Dubai :) And you remembered me how long I haven´t had a good hot chocolate! Thanks a lot for your wonderful report and your inspiration regarding the hot chocolate. I think as haven´t planned a journey to Dubai in the next time it is at least possible to drink a hot chocolate :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  29. Everything looks amazing especially all of those delicious desserts.

  30. Like Dubai, Singapore is a very international city--- I love having access to so many different things! That being said, it looks like you had quite the successful day!!! I would love some of those desserts!!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  31. Fantastic post. That hot chocolate looks so divine. I adore the tops you picked up while shopping.


  32. Miss B-what french beauty you are finding in Dubai. You always find the best spots and I love traveling vicariously with you.

  33. I would totally appreciate a touch of France in Athens, Greece.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  34. Thanks everyone for commenting! I'm already missing the warm sunshine and all the sweet treats!

  35. As usual, your post led me to another internet search, this time for the Repetto perfume :) I missed stopping by Angelina in Paris, which gives me another reason to visit Dubai ;)

  36. The first time I went to dubai was in the late 90s and the last time I went was about 1 or 2 years ago...WOW how much does this place change in such little time?!! Being an expat myself in Singapore I understand the importance of having a little bit of home far away from home (if that makes sense ?!) in any case I will definitely be trying these out next time i'm there :) thanks for sharing :)


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