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Thursday, 3 July 2014

miss b loves .........Luxe City Guides

Plannning a holiday or even a short trip is always part of the fun and excitement of travelling. I love to do my research so that we can make the most of our stay whether it's a weekend break or a more leisurely two weeks away from home.

There are always places which are a definite 'must-visit' but we like to wander off and find our own unexpected gems too.

Luxe City Guides are compact yet so informative and reliable. They are a world away from the usual bulky travel books with information overload and far too many photos and maps. 

I like the elegant covers and the fold out concertina-style design .....

These stylish pocket-sized guides easily slip into the smallest of bags without the need to rely on an internet connection for on the spot information ......

When folded the guides are just 7 mm thick....

The lighthearted witty style of writing appeals to me too. 

Recommendations come from the resident editor and contributors who really know their city and who provide short, sassy reviews and they are very selective about the entries.....

The guides are divided into different categories such as accommodation, restaurants, nightlife, activities including shopping itineraries etc. The Luxe loves and loathes section is particularly honest too.

Useful phone numbers and a few phrases are included ......

It's thanks to Luxe that we have discovered so many interesting, quirky and 'off the beaten track' museums, cafés and endless activities. 

I first read about the concept store Merci in Luxe Paris ....

Without Luxe I'm sure we wouldn't have found Green Tangerine in Hanoi, Vietnam last summer.

 ...or the wonderful Tan My Design store.... 

We are gradually buiding up quite a collection of Luxe Guides and new editions are published each year ensuring that the recommendations are up to date. There are monthly on-line updates too which can be accessed free of charge.

The good news is that there are now over 30 cities covered and I'm impressed with the mobile guides too .... 

I can recommend Time Out apps too ......

......and the Time Out magazines which are perfect for finding out about new openings and what's on while you are visiting a particular city .......

Our annual subscription to Condé Nast Traveller magazine has proved to be invaluable over the years and has encouraged us to visit places which we might not necessarily have considered.

 I'm looking forward to our next adventure....



  1. You're just giving me excuses to go travelling aren't you ha ha. I'm terrible when I go away; I never plan beforehand what I am going to do, I just get there and hope for the best but the fact that this is a succinct little booklet would probably appeal to me because I hate having to read through huge tourist guides. I go away at the weekend so I will look out for this city guide when I do some last minute shopping tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

  2. These travel guides are a great way to find interesting and charming spots when you're traveling. The girls would love this. They always look into each place that they visit, so they can get the most out of it, and see all the wonderful things that each place has to offer. Thanks for sharing, miss b.

    Have a nice weekend.


  3. Hi Miss B! I didnt know Luxe guides but for sure you gave me enough reasons to take a look to them, just wonder if I will find them over here. They sound an excellent guide, I see you discover many lovely places thanks to them, Love the pocket size too and the way is written, need to download the app, as well as the Time Out app. When I travel in act, I soon search the regarding apps of the city, so I can have an itinerary to follow. I enjoy also to discover new places, Miss B, Conde Nast Traveller is my fav travel magazine, it makes me dream! xo

  4. The Luxe Guide looks so interesting. The information seems very unique and well organized in the easy to read folded pages. I will check them out.

  5. Great to know - they look super!

  6. Ahh I definitely need to get my hands on some of these - they look perfect for travelling. Thank you for sharing.

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

  7. I am forever on the hunt for great travel guides that are easy to carry around - packing a heavy book in your purse can be such a burden when you'll be walking all day. The Luxe guides look perfect (and the fact that they recommend Merci, which I lived just down the street from when we were in Paris, only makes me think they're more wonderful.) and have me thinking of travel... as always!

  8. Ce guide semble intéressant, je vais regarder de plus près les villes disponibles. Je reproche souvent aux guides touristiques de donner tous les mêmes informations, les mêmes adresses et de manquer d'originalité. Bon weekend !

  9. I have never heard of this guides. They look really nice and useful. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The Luxe guides sound perfect for travellers...definitely helps to suss out where you need to go first! Have a lovely weekend:)

  11. Like you, I always do my research before going anywhere. I don't have the luxury of time (or time to waste) so I have to make sure everything is planned as much as possible. I like that Luxe guides include useful phrases. That's very handy. I look forward to your posts about your next destination :)

  12. Hi Miss B, what wonderful travel guides. They look like they are filled with the great info we need when on a holiday.
    Love how they fold small and fit right in the purse. Looks like you have enjoyed some wonderful places. Thank you for sharing these tips for Luxe guides. Wishing you a nice weekend.

  13. Hi Miss B, thanks for this great piece of travel advice, I haven't heard of these guides before, they seem so helpful and a great way of finding hidden gems. Thanks for your visit, Happy Weekend!

  14. seriously, put me in your suitcase already!!
    i may have to vicariously live through you until I can go on vacation next year!! haha
    xx Corinne

  15. I didn't know Luxe Guides but they seems full of great tips! They have a nice cover too!!!

  16. The city guides sound fantastic and they even look sleek. Oh and I totally love the chic beige pouch that you're storing your city guide tucked inside in this post! Have a lovely, relaxing weekend :)

    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  17. Love your ideas! My favorite has to be the Timeout apps, wow did not know this existed so thank you for the tip! XOXO


  18. I didn't know these guides until know, looks very interesting for planning the futurs trip! thanks !

  19. Thanks for the tip I was unaware of these guides!

  20. Just so stunning advices always from you,dear Miss B.!
    Thankyou so much for your always full and informative posts:)))*

    Wish you very beautiful weekend,girl!

  21. I had not heard of these guides before. I must look them up as you say not too bulky and nice to read. Sometimes the best part of traveling is planning the trip. Love the clutch . Have a fun july

  22. This is the first time I hear about these guides; really nice that they are thin and practical. I will watch out for them. I am also a fan of TimeOut!

  23. These sound fantastic! I like that they get straight to the point and leave all the nonsense out. Time Out also looks good. I love Conde Nast! Awesome "travel tools". It's really important to be informed when traveling. Great post.

  24. Hi Miss B,

    Thanks for the advice and have never heard of the Luxe City guides and will remember this when we travel next.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  25. Wow, this city guides are really luxery! I didn't know them before but if I finally decide really to travel more I will for sure use them :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  26. I have heard great things about these guides before--- but haven't yet picked any up. Perhaps its time I do- especially because I love to travel!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  27. I love the store MERCI in Paris;) I'd read about it and we finally located it's whereabouts when we were they a couple years ago. It was a bit hidden off the road and we almost passed it! I recall the red car out front:) Lots of goodies inside! This looks like a wonderful travel resource. Thanks for sharing. xxleslie

  28. Great post miss b. City guides are my favourite, I use the Time Out guides and keep several guides by Wallpaper in my travel clutch because they come with pockets,etc. for extended travelling I'm a planner too. The Luxe guide looks amazing, I've not used it yet, but my sister has told me about this, hopefully we can use it soon. Thanks!
    Random Bits & Pieces

  29. OMG, what a fun idea for a city guide and I would definitely use these. Love the name 'Luxe' and that they are super small. I realized after traveling lately there are often spots without wifi so a map or city guide the old fashioned way is really a must. :))


  30. This looks like a wonderful idea for travel and they're pretty too! Next time I go someplace I will look for some of these :)
    xo Mary Jo

  31. wow! perfect travel guide for fashionista's !

    have you seen my new outfit posts ? Would like to hear your thoughts on it! Have a nice day !

  32. I will have to check out these Luxe Guides the next time I am planning a vacation. I am a definite planner on everything, especially when it comes to going some place new.

  33. A very handy thing. Not heard of it before but going to check it online. Thanks for recommending.

  34. Your images are so colorful Miss B! I enjoy the Luxe guides myself and have found them to greatly enhance travel experiences with the 'insider' take. We are just back from 18 days in Portugal and Spain. It was quite an adventure-now I'm wishing I had that 'time out' Barcelona app. Happy trails and happy summer!

  35. I haven't heard of these before and come to think about it, I don't think I've ever owned/bought a city guide or travel guide before! (And now all I can think about is to return to all the places I've lived and visited and buy myself one! )


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  37. Great post. I like that the Luxe guides are pocket sized. I always look up reviews on Time Out.

  38. Thank you for your comments. Having just returned from Singapore, I can add that the Luxe Guide was so useful once again. Great recommendations and as usual, accurate descriptions.

  39. Great guides! I'll be taking one of those with me next time I travel for sure. How beautiful is your shot of the hotel with aqua shutters. So pretty!


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