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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

miss b loves .....perfect fish and chips in picturesque Downham.

Autumn's here! Cooler temperatures, a touch of rain but I'm now ready for this new season ..... This year in England it's been a good summer.... plenty of sunshine, clear blue skies and so many opportunities to be outdoors...

Early in the summer we drove out into the Ribble Valley, thirty minutes from home and the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle. 

Our destination .... Downham, often quoted as the loveliest village in Lancashire, complete with a gurgling brook running past the village green and stone cottages ......

It's certainly unspoilt and full of old world charm with an abundance of pretty, beautifully maintained properties..... 

It really is like stepping back in time ....with front doors left open .....

The village has been owned and managed by the Assheton family since 1558 and none of the houses is privately owned. The present squire is Lord Clitheroe of Downham.

Overhead electricity cables, TV aerials, satellite dishes and double yellow parking lines are not allowed in the village making it the perfect location for period dramas and films.

The BBC series 'Born and Bred' was filmed here and the 2012 drama 'The Secret of Crickley Hall' but the village is most famous for the location of the classic 1961 film 'Whistle Down The Wind' starring Hayley Mills, Alan Bates and local children.


This area is claimed to be the inspiration for JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth in The Lord of the Rings.  

In the 1940s, while writing his novels, Tolkien regularly stayed in the guesthouse in the grounds of Stoneyhurst College, an independent school about eight miles away.  

Downham is also associated with Old Mother Demdike, Alice Nutter and a few other infamous Pendle Witches!


Alice Nutter was supposed to have been in hiding in Downham Old Hall when she was wanted for witchcraft in the seventeenth century. She was eventually tried and found guilty along with others at Lancaster Castle. You can read more about the Pendle witches here.

St Leonard's Church with its fifteenth century tower stands at the top of the steep main street.

Apparently several witches were buried in the graveyard, unusual for that time as most were not buried in consecrated ground.

From the churchyard there's a spectacular view over to Pendle Hill.

The only disappointment was to see that the village post office and tearooms have closed down.

The Assheton Arms country pub, however, is thriving as people come along to sample the award-winning food and local beers. 

The traditional fish and chips with mushy peas, lemon and tartare sauce was delicious and the best we have tasted in quite some time!

Being able to sit outside was a bonus too and the ideal way to appreciate this perfect little village!


  1. What a perfect spot for a quick getaway. The countryside looks so picturesque and this village is certainly packed with charm and history! I think I'm finally ready for some cooler temps and the new season as well.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I wish I could reach into the screen for that mouth watering fish and chips! Ahh.. dreamy and stunning landscape.

  3. Lovely photos...what a beautiful place to visit! You can't beat a plate of fish and chips on a day out:)

  4. Hold on......this place is like an hour away from me and I've never been; it seems like the perfect spot to just get away from the hustle and bustle as you say. How cool is it that they don't allow some of the things you'd usually see in a residential area although I don't know what I'd do without my satellite dish. Breathtaking views and quaint buildings - looks like an Emmerdale set (not that I watch it.........religiously). That meal sure looks delicious, especially the fish, I think I'm going to treat myself to fish and chips this weekend. Have a great week.

  5. I'm massively craving fish and chips after seeing your photos and the idyllic setting in this post is almost making me disappointed that I'm kissing goodbye to England's greenery to visit Barcelona for a few days... almost! Have a wonderful weekend, when we get there! :)

    - I follow back on Bloglovin' -


  6. Hi Miss B! I know Summer has been good this year from you, Ive a friend who lives there and tell me that, also that Sept has been quite dry for this time of the year. Btw, Downham is so picturesque indeed. Im actually so impressed by how it looks, is really the perfect place for period movies (which I love). Cool also is associated with witches, story about them fascinated me. Yum for the fish and chips, I see how much tasty it must have been!:) Happy October Miss B, many kisses! xo

  7. You always seem to have blue skies whenever you go out! The fish and chips looks delicious :)

    1. We have been fortunate this year as there have been many more blue skies here than usual. Sunny days definitely encourage us to go out!

  8. Hi Miss B,

    I agree, you can't beat a nice meal of fish and chips.
    what a beautiful place to visit - looks really picturesque.
    Happy day

  9. I agree, this is a very picturesque area. And, I love fish and chips anyway. I do miss good fish and chips from the local spots. I wish you a wonderful week and happy October miss b. x/madison
    Beauty Goodies, and Travelling Tips

  10. What a beautiful place and such a picturesque village, Miss b !!! Tolkien is one my very favourite authors and surely I couldn't resist in fish and chips !!! Perfect combination for me ... !!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments and post !!! Wish you a beautiful day and a happy October !!!

  11. i cannot find any good fish and chips in atl! those look tasty and the pics look lovely.

  12. What a perfect place to relax and take in all the beauty of your eorld miss b!!!!!!! Thank you for your visit today anf for this wondefful escape. Excuse the errors here..I am on a tablet at work on a break!!!

  13. What an ancient village! I just loved the history and the architecture! I'd love to visit it one day! Well, see, if it wasn't your blog, I wouldn't have known about it! Btw, the witches stories have always been super interesting to me as we don't have them in our history and past stories, since we are Orthodox Christians. Glad to hear that you had a nice weather this summer, in Eastern Europe it wasn't real summer. I am craving Fish&Chips right now!

  14. What a wonderful trip and story! Now I will have to visit this place. x

  15. Miss b, So charming. I love the story about this village. Amazing it's all owned by one family. I adore outdoor dining anytime, but especially in such a pretty setting! Looks like a perfect day out! xx Kim

  16. Quelle balade, tu ma fait rêver encore! J'adore la campagne anglaise, so chic ! Le village est tellement beau, ça doit être un plaisir se balader un peu partout. J'aime bien son histoire. Le pub a l'air très bien et j'aime beaucoup manger de fish and chips, so good ;)

  17. It must be wonderful there! Obviously you had really a good summer in England in comparison to Bavaria where it was cold and rainy so often. But at least since a few days we have a sunny and nice Autumn :) Fish and chips reminds me so much on England, it was really long ago when I have been there ...

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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  18. Oh I have not had good fish and chips in a long time. And yep I am ready for fall too. Cool crisp air, bring it on!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  19. Hi Miss B, what a charming and incredible place to be. Your pics are gorgeous. I love the stone cottages and the fields so beautiful and green.
    Love fish and chips too. Your pic has made me hungry.

    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment. I always enjoy your visits.
    Have a nice weekend.

  20. Beautiful pictures. It is such a lovely and fascinating place.

  21. Hello,dear friend,Miss B.!:)
    Thankyou for your visit by me,I am always very appreciate to read your kind comments:)))
    Very special place is this village.....
    I got a feeling by like the 100 years ago nothing change there in that place!
    Full of rust and magic,because of the history.....
    Very nice pictures!

    Wishing you wonderful Autumn:)

  22. j'aime bien les cottages et ces ptits paysages sympas et campagnards! très jolis.



  23. Such amazing countryside.. complete with romantic castles! I adore fish and chips and I'm sure this is THE BEST. I'm a fan of Lord of the Rings too;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xxleslie

  24. Splendid!!! Downham is so beautiful. Charming! HaHaHa You go to the best places. So glad they're keeping things as original as possible. I love the bucket and flower watering can with the flowers in it. The fish and chips look so good. I want to eat that when I go.

  25. What a pretty village. So amazing that the same family own it. I had never heard of it . That's what's so great about your blog new places to see

  26. It looks so beautiful, we are always looking for somewhere special to go for a break here and Downham looks absolutely delightful.....Off to do some research now! xx

  27. Amazing pictures Miss B! Happy Sunday!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  28. Such a charming little village! I love the colours!

  29. Downham is a very picturesque and lovely town. Too bad the houses are not privately owned. The Assheton family do have a long history in that town. The fish and chips looks delicious. It would be nice to visit it one day.

  30. A charming and beautiful town and I love fish and chips, definitely worth the occasional splurge! Tolkien was a wonderful author and The Hobbit movies are among my favourite! xoxo, B

  31. The fish and chips looks so delish.
    And that place looks really picturesque,
    so beautiful
    and your pic shots are lovely.
    I wish I have the time to visit and relax in a
    place like that.

  32. All of these photos are amazing and so picturesque, but I have to say my favourite is of the fish n chips! I haven't had them in so long but now you've got me craving them! Great post. x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

  33. Your photos have me craving fish and chips (and missing the UK heaps)!!

  34. i love fish and chips, and what a perfect setting to eat it in!

  35. I haven't had fish and chips in such a long time. This looks delicious. My son used to watch Lord of the Rings when he was a young boy. How nice it would be to browse through this beautiful countryside. I love that black and white picture of "whistle down the wind." You have such great adventures, my friend, and I enjoy seeing them every time.


  36. Love your posts, always such interesting places and great ideas! You seem to lead a lovely life...

    1. Thank you! I'm pleased you enjoy my posts and I do feel very fortunate to be able to visit so many lovely places!

  37. Reading all these comments really does make writing so much more rewarding. Thank you!

  38. This feels like a little step back in time. These small villages are incredibly picturesque. I remember traveling through that area with my family years ago. What a perfect afternoon, complete with outdoor dining and that fantastic looking fish and chips. Lovely post! Have a wonderful weekend Miss B!

  39. That really is the loveliest little town! I can see why it has been used as the setting for several TV production. Gorgeous!

  40. Such beautiful pictures, so picturesque. I was in England (for the first time) late June, it was for only a week but I loved it, every moment of my trip. Everything so pretty as it's in the movies and books.


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