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Monday, 22 August 2011

miss b loves .....Tea Palace, Covent Garden

I am a bit of a tea snob starting my day with Twinings English Breakfast (it just has to be Twinings!) with Earl Grey or Green Tea with mint as a favourite afternoon tipple. I'm not really very adventurous with tea - smoky lapsang souchong, iced teas etc. just aren't my thing but strolling through Covent Garden the other day I came across a gorgeous shop with two assistants outside with a glass tea infuser filled with tea and slices of fruit and they were offering samples of iced blood orange tea. I was so impressed with this summery, refreshing drink that I had to buy some (and the tea caddies are so stylish!)

Inside the shop there was everything imaginable around the tea theme from chic tea pots to gorgeous candles (yes,tea scented!)and every possible type of tea. I just had to buy the perfect little flat warming gift - jasmine tea and a cute strainer.

The perfect little gift 

One of the quirky tea sets complete
 with legs for a handle!

I just wish Tea Palace would open a tea shop serving afternoon tea and cakes!

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