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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

miss b loves.......Hong Kong (Part 2)

On Day 3 of our trip to Hong Kong (click here to read Hong Kong Part 1) we took the MTR to Diamond Hill Station to the stunning Nan Lian Gardens.

The prettiest drainpipe I have ever seen!

We strolled over to the serene Chi Lin Nunnery and admired the elegant wooden architecture and lotus ponds. Inside the temple halls there were the most beautiful gold and wooden buddhas (no photos allowed though as this is a place of worship).

It was then just a short ride on the MTR to Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple and we were greeted by an explosion of colour! 

It's one of the most popular temples in Hong Kong. Some people come to pray but many are there to consult the fortune-tellers. They light incense sticks, make a wish and shake a bamboo cylinder until one of the fortune sticks falls out. This stick is exchanged for a piece of paper which has the same number on it and then the fortune teller will interpret the fortune on the paper.

Bamboo cylinders with
a list of instructions

A lady shaking her bambooo
No trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a  visit to Temple Street Night Market with all kinds of goods on sale........

There are Chinese opera singers (anyone's welcome to join in!) and numerous fortune tellers.......

I love the colourful streets at night - all the hustle and bustle and neon lights......

Our final morning was spent strolling around Hong Kong Park....

....an oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling city....

 and so perfectly maintained.....

One of the highlights was deciding to follow the example of these teenagers in the 'walk-in' fountain.

It was so hot I didn't mind getting a touch wet!

We soon spotted Flagstaff House (built in 1846 and the oldest colonial buiding in Hong Kong). It is now a Museum of Tea Ware with tea related facts and artefacts (just my kind of museum as I've always loved and collected pretty and quirky tea pots - no photos allowed inside though!)

Of course a cup of tea in the Lock Cha Tea Shop next door was a must(no scones and macarons here!)

Our charming waitress recommended jasmine tea and the fragrant tieguanyin tea and ........ jasmine dumplings with a black sesame filling......

What a tranquil and civilised place to be! I now regret not buying these gorgeous tea cups....

 but I did buy a caddy of jasmine tea to take home.

A quick photo stop on the way to the Star Ferry. The iconic 70 storey Bank of China building is one of my favourites. Its prism-like structure has been compared to a baamboo plant, which extends its trunk successively higher with each burst of growth.

Before going back to the hotel we just had to do a detour to Canton Road (also known as Luxury Brands Street!) to see the enormous branches of all the well-known designer brands.

 They were even queuing to get into Chanel!

Even the street lamps had glamorous chandeliers inside...........

Round the corner was one of my favourite stores Chinese Arts and Crafts with its beautiful interior, vibrantly coloured Chinese dresses, cushions, fabrics, sparkly bags ...... 

and works of art.......

Finally before leaving for the airport, one last coffee and delicious pain au chocolat in the hotel coffee shop......

and one final view from those enormous floor to ceiling windows.....

Hong Kong is a captivating city with such a range of experiences in one trip - a fusion of 'east-meets-west'.... wonderful modern architecture alongside serene temples and gardens, flamboyant colours, sounds and aromas of local markets and world class shopping malls.... truly a city of contrasts. This was the end of my third amazing visit to Hong Kong but certainly not my last..........

While I was in Hong Kong I was nominated for another award! Thank you Sexta-feira (which means Friday) It's so 'lovely' to be appreciated.

I'm supposed to share seven things about myself but as I recently listed my favourite things here, I thought I would include just a few snippets about travel.......
  • Cities and islands are my favourite places
  • My favourite islands are Hong Kong Island (of course!),Ile d'Oléron in France and Bali
  • French is my favourite language
  • My must-visit list continues to grow daily... Montréal, Sark, Languedoc, Sicily, Corsica.....
  • I have a long must-revisit list too....Oman, Singapore, Isle of Man, Guernsey.... 

and now for my nominations......

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  1. Maybe one day I will be able to visit this town!

  2. Amazing photos and excellent tips for sightseeing for my next HK trip. Lian Gardens definitely seem to be worth a trip!

  3. I'd love to visit HK thank you for sharing your amazing photos!!


  4. Fabulous post! I would love to visit Hong Kong sometime...it looks amazing! you certainly packed a lot in on your visit:)

  5. Thanks for the nomination!!


  6. I enjoyed your post about Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong too. I might visit there next yr. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your wonderful comment. Montreal is a lovely City to visit. It is only 4 hrs away from Toronto. If you speak French, then Montreal and Quebec City are the cities to visit here in North America. I am following your blog now. Looking forward to more of your travels.

    1. I must add Quebec to my list too! Thanks Pamela for your lovely comment and of course for deciding to follow along.

  7. i want to visit here one day

  8. Well, I have never been to Hong Kong and am unlikely to visit in the near future, so I am very grateful to you for taking us there with your wonderful photographs and commentary. I could use one of these "walk-in" fountains in my Seattle garden today: It is 90F outside. As for local food, I would not mind giving it a try AND they have pains au chocolat too?! == That's it. I am adding Hong Kong to my list of places to see. Thank you, miss b. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Well, Véronique - we certainly don't need a walk-in fountain here in England but some of your 90F heat would be very welcome!

  9. oooh what amaze pics looks like an awesome time~!!! xO!

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful snapshots!

  11. makes me want to travel!!


  12. Great pictures! I love all the color too and look at that line to get into Chanel! Amazing!

  13. Amazing pictures Miss B

    I hope you are having a ball




  14. What a great trip!!Beautiful pictures!!! I hope to visit Hong Kong one day!!


  15. wooow!! amazing pics!!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!!

  16. My mom has been to Hong Kong a few times and so has my lovey. These pictures are awesome. I hope I can go visit Hong Kong one day too!

  17. love the pictures!
    we're new and would love you to visit our blog and if you like it please feel free to follow us in GFC and bloglovin!
    xoxo. A

  18. Great pics, lovely blog. What about following each other?

  19. Wonderful photos! What beautiful gardens.. and I'd enjoy that tea house! Chanel.. all those high end shops :) talk about fashion forward!

    thanks for sharing :)

  20. thanks so much for nominating my blog!! i really appreciate it!

  21. Amazing!!!
    Hope to visit HK soon!
    thank you so much :)


  22. Captivating indeed! Ok Miss B, if I shake one of those fortune cylinders and don't like my fortune can i shake it again and get another one? HAHAHAHAHA I'm just being silly! Hong Kong is truly exquisite. Love the architecture. That temple is gorgeous. I've always admired their gardens. Perfectly manicured, they're always exquisite and so tranquil. You had a great time! The shops are even lovely!

    1. Great idea Kim to keep shaking for a better fortune!!!

  23. fascinating. thank you for these pictures. I would love to tour Hong Kong.

  24. Great shots of HK. Would love to visit there one day. Congrats on your recent awards! x

  25. Lovely city it seems...so wonderful that you got the chance to travel, I think that spending money on traveling is not waste of money, it is the best thing you can spend money on! Ilina

  26. Great post - your photos and words carried me away - maybe one day... however, thanks for sharing! Christa

  27. Oh my gosh, it looks like a fabulous trip! Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful photos with us! Gorgeous! {thanks so much for stopping by to see me this week too xoxo} Have a great weekend, sweets!

    Sandy M Illustration

  28. What a lovely trip!!I couldn't agree more with @Cinnamon and White Chocolate!!!The best thing indeed!

  29. You have been there 3 times! And many times in Istanbul too. I love returning to same places as well. Next summer Provence hopefully : ) This beautiful detailed post goes to my fave travel posts folder right away, it will be very handy when I go to HK one day. In October I will return to Dubai after many years, for work again ( I visited it 4-5 times, around 4-5 years ago : ) ) and your last post about Dubai will be useful again : ) I also want to see Corsica very much and Kenya and Bali, ohhhhh many more places, the lists are long. Why dont we have unlimited holidays and budgets : ))

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post and it's good to know that you are going to make use of some of my tips. Thank you!

  30. Fantastic photos! I love the eclectic atmosphere and the dynamic architecture of this city, thank you for sharing with us that wonderful experience!

    Have the best weekend!

    Big hugs!


  31. What a traveller you are, lucky girl! Very nice blog you have, you have your own style! Thank you for visiting me in Austria. Have a nice Sunday! Sofia.

  32. Hello Miss B!
    One of my dreams is not to have to work and just travel. Seeing your posts makes me wish for my dream to come true! Beautiful!
    Thanks for taking the time to pass on the award and for letting me know on my blog! I don't know why I missed this great post of yours, but I'm here now!
    Enjoy your Sunday! :)

  33. Great pics!!!



  34. Amazing! A little jealous :)

  35. Hi Miss B. Thanks for stopping by my blog - always great to see a new comment.
    I've not visited HK, but have visited other parts of China and would love to go back someday. Sounds a wonderful trip.

  36. Everything looks so amazing! i love the contrast between the traditional temples (especially the one with the colorful paper balloons) and the modern buildings and shops!

  37. I love all of the bright colors in the city and the gardens look so tranquil. It's quite the contrast. Happy you enjoyed your trip! :)

  38. Miss B, thank you so much for your compliment!!! It made my weekend. HaHaHa I was really impressed with their lip glosses. I thought it was going to be sticky! HaHaHa But it wasn't. Just like the video from the post prior, you really do want to make that smacking noise with your lips. The Coralista comes out the tube a coral color, but it goes on sheer with a touch of color. Weird, but I like it! It has just enough tint without being overwhelming. Have a great week!

  39. I love learning about new places such as Hong Kong. Thank you for posting. Hopefully, I'll make it there soon. Beautiful post and the jasmine tea sounds good! :)

    xo Jen

  40. It is lovely to be noticed and so I wanted to thank you Miss B! Means so much to me :) I heart your blog! and look forward to reading more and more! Have a great evening! xx Jen

  41. so nice pictures:)
    I just found your blog and I love it!!!
    I love travellinggg:)


  42. Such a beautiful view, I plan on visiting there someday.

  43. Thank you to everyone for writing all these amazing comments - I enjoy taking lots of photos when I visit such interesting places and having such positive feedback about a post is so rewarding.

  44. Thanks for sharing these..wow, I definitely need to return to HK. I missed most of the interesting sites you have posted here. The fortune telling is intriguing and that's a really interesting drain pipe.


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