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Thursday, 20 June 2013

miss b loves........Paris, old favourites and a few new discoveries (Part 1)

I've lost count of the number of times I have visited Paris but I never really tire of this very special city and a couple of weeks ago my birthday was a good excuse for a long weekend .....  favourite spots ..........and some interesting discoveries ..... so please follow along....

Our hotel was a short walk from some very familiar places......

.... but with our three day metro pass we were ready to explore further afield ... and Le Marais was top of the list .....Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis church is particularly attractive against a rich blue sky ....

and in the Place des Vosges, the oldest planned square in Paris, ..........

.....there was plenty of shade .......

and sun .... and I spotted this cute little Parisian dog just peeping out of his owner's bag ....... both of them basking in the sunshine ......

Popelini, a pâtisserie specialising in choux à la crème (cream puffs) was next on our list and we weren't disappointed. They are so delicious that I think they could be the next big thing .... 

Our final choice ....... lemon and pistachio (with a pistachio cream and morello cherry filling) 

Perhaps these imaginative éclairs from the nearby  L'Eclair de Génie might take over the world too .....

We made our way to Place de la République ....

We love to watch street performers but this was the first time we had actually seen a performance by a juggler in front of so many lanes of traffic!!

He certainly had a captive audience when the traffic lights were on red and quickly managed to collect a few coins from the drivers before they sped off .........

We headed over to the contemporary and quirky Merci concept store ......

 What an amazing fish tank........

...and we decided to stay for a fresh and healthy lunch ........

After lunch .....time to relax for a while at the Canal St Martin....

Back on the metro.......

 ....... to Ile de la Cité to Notre Dame .... 850 years old this year!

I've always had a soft spot for the iconic 2CV and I just about managed to take a photo of one as we were on the way back to the metro. Véronique (French Girl in Seattle) is also a fan and you can read her entertaining post about this cute little French car here

Finally....I must mention our memorable meal on the first night .....Bistrotters. We had read amazing reviews about this tiny 1900s bistro tucked away down a quiet little road in Montparnasse (fortunately we'd booked a table well in advance, as they were constantly turning people away!) François, the owner, was so attentive and chatty. One of the highlights was my starter ..... melon and ham in a gazpacho of watermelon and Pineau (an apéritif from Charentes where I lived for a year.)

I wore my new shoes and Jour d'Hermès perfume ..... two perfect surprise birthday gifts .....

...and our hotel was a success too....the Regent's Garden and there was the added bonus of a peaceful garden where we had breakfast, an oasis of calm ....

 ....... with the most delightful staff we have ever met in a Parisian hotel! This former private mansion was a gift from Napoleon III to one of his most devoted servants Dr Conneau and was transformed into a hotel in 1937.

I hope you will join me for Paris, Part 2 but please be patient.....I'm off on my travels again ......

PS Thank you very much to everyone who reads my blog. I appreciate and love to read all the kind, positive comments and of course I'm delighted and grateful to have reached 301 followers on GFC! 

I'm sure everyone knows by now that Google Reader finishes at the begining of July. I do hope you will continue following my blog with Bloglovin' here or please click on my Bloglovin' button over on the right.

Thank you!!
miss b


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend - what perfect blue skies! I love your gorgeous shoes, and as for the pictures of the pastry... yum. It's probably a good thing we don't have too much of that so easily accessible, as I'd find it hard to resist a little something every day! Luck you to be able to pop over for a weekend... I'm afraid my next trip to Paris will be some time away. Happy Birthday! xx

  2. Ah miss b. How delightful, and what perfect timing since I will be flying home in just a few days! Loved this post, of course, and recognized so many familiar sights. Thank you for mentioning French Girl in Seattle and the iconic "Deuche" (2 CV) in the same paragraph. I am truly honored :-) Can't wait for part 2. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. What a lovely post. As if I didn't want to go to Paris enough your post has stirred the need to go even more. Thanks so much for sharing. And happy belated birthday!


  4. Lovely post...and lots of great recommendations for my upcoming trip to Paris! Thanks!!

  5. What a delightful and fun trip to Paris. It's always fun and so inspiring to visit Paris. There is beauty all around and also lots of delicious sweets. Looks like we both celebrate our Birthdays this month of June. Your photos are amazing.

  6. Lovely post. Paris is one of those cities where the next visit is always a charm. The hotel garden is just beautiful!

  7. paris is so pretty! this post makes me want to go back asap

  8. Congrats on reaching 301 followers!! I decided to take the Followers gadget off my blog as the numbers are too embarrassing for words!! Good that you have the bloglovin button on your page. It will be interesting to notice how the termination of Google reader affects all far and wide! I love reading about Paris and I recently visited and in fact, stayed at the Place de Vosges. Wish I had tasted those delicious looking Popelini!! Jennyxx

  9. I keep the address of the restaurant looks very good ;) Bon weekend !

  10. Gorgeous photos...those cream puffs look divine:) Have a fabulous weekend!

  11. A delicious trip! And a very happy belated birthday... xv

  12. Wonderful photos! And how lucky to have such warm and sunny weather. I have only visited Paris once but I certainly didn’t do it justice. I can’t wait to visit again!

  13. This is the amazing thing about Paris... it's so full of wonderful places that even though I live here, I can still learn things from blog posts about it! My current favourite place for choux a la creme is Odette, but I've never been to Popelini, so it just may change :) I'm glad you go to L'Eclair du Genie, it really does live up to all of the hype! Happy belated birthday :)

  14. Happy belated birthday Miss B! I already have you on my bloglovin - Have a great hols!

  15. Oh I need to get back there soon! Lovely post Miss b! xob

  16. Belated happy birthday miss b! I've been following you on bloglovin so no worries.


  17. It looks like you've had sooooo much fun! Lovely pictures, fantastic places, and I like that you've taken some pics of food! I have never been to Paris, and it is certainly on my "to visit" list, but when, I don't know...Just came back from Tuscany soooo...

  18. Looks like you had a wonderful 3 day visit.. all my favorite places! My husband is returning today from a one week stay to attend the Paris Airshow. Unfortunately is was all work and very little play.. and I was not able to go. The next time we go will be to visit the south of France. Can't wait! xxleslie

  19. Place des Vosges is the perfect place to have a snack break during the day!

  20. Wonderful post Miss B. I've only been to Paris several times, but will have to check out these other places next time. I love your healthy lunch, ahhh,it seem many people I kow are on holiday in Paris at this time. Congrats on reaching more followers! Must find you on the Bloglovin'. Happy weekend dear. xx/Madison :-)

  21. I'm planning a trip to Paris so this post is perfect for me!!! There are a bunch of places that i have no idea they exist. Do you know where i can find vintage stores in Paris??? That would be very helpfull. I spotte 2 or 3 shops but maybe there's a district/neighbourhood where they're all together and i'm not aware! ty

  22. happy belated birthday miss b! my traveling blog friend! you received the cutest gifts for your birthday. i love those shoes and i know that perfume smells divine. haha what a fabulous birthday! gosh the cream puffs, eclairs, pretty parks and wonderful food...you are a real life alice in wonderland. i always look forward to your posts, because they teleport me to the finest places. have a great time on your next adventure doll and i'm definitely following you on bloglovin. ((hug))

  23. The eclairs look amazing! Like I have never seen any before. I also like your pretty shoes. Thanks for taking me to Paris this evening.

  24. hi miss B!!!!
    next time you go there let me know maybe we can enjoy the together ;)
    as you know there's a place in my heart and i love about everything paris. my 3year life there would always stay in my memorie... by the way I was living in a small studio just few blocks from champs élysées.. its exactly in ave. wagram :)
    the popelini is the new macarons... i fell in love with it!!!
    gosh i envy you.. hope your next travel would always be wonderful!!!

    i don't get what's with google reader?? so its shuting down???

    anyway.. i will always be here to visit your blog!
    take care and have a lovely weekend!!!

    xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  25. Your photos of this magnificent city have brought my daydreams to life. Its so great that you live close by and are able to visit often. It would take a month alone just for Safricans to get a visa to get there. Those eclairs look so divinely inviting! There s so ugh beauty in the vintage architecture. Europe is amazing! I appreciate your kind words over at mine :)

  26. Beautiful Post <3

    Happy Weekend!

  27. Can't wait to visit Paris! My daughter went for a ten day trip and speaks French, so I will visit with her in tow.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  28. Oh I love cream buns. Yummy Yummy.

  29. Oh, I don't know where to begin with this post - it is all delightful! The girls went to Notre Dame Cathedral, and it was the most beautiful church. All the food looks so yummy. And that juggler in the streets would have been so fun to watch! Your shoes and perfume bottle are lovely.
    The fish tank would be interesting to look at, as I have always loved fish tanks. I used to have one many years ago.

    Thanks for the tour in Paris. How do you ever get to see so many wonderful places?


  30. Fabulous! I've lost count too, but I know I will never ever tire of Paris!

    Much love,

  31. I went to Paris for my last birthday too, but it was just the first time for me. Next time I'll make sure to check out your favorite spots :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  32. How absolutely fabulous - Happy Birthday and what a perfect way to celebrate - I agree that there is really no place like Paris!! I miss it SO much -
    Mary x

  33. Good evening Miss B! First of all happy belated birthday!:) Paris is always a beautiful a city, I think you cant never be tired of it! I'm counting the days till I will visit it again, Im in love with it! Thanks for this virtual tour, the eclairs look very tasty! Love your Kate Spade shoes too! Looking forward for the second part!:) Sure, keep in touch also on bloglovin:) Kisses and have a good start of the week tmw! xo

  34. I've only been in Paris one time, in 2009.. I think a revisit is in order!

  35. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for Sharing!
    Paris is my dream!

  36. Miss B~Paris is the most spectacular place for a birthday! I turned 50 there a year or so ago. Your tour is perfection-shoes, perfume, pastry, views, shopping and that dinner looks fabulous. Your recommendation on the hotel looks tres chic. A must try for my next visit.
    Can't wait to see more!
    Bon Jour!
    xx, Heather @Stylemindchic

  37. This gives me such wanderlust!

  38. J'adore Merci, sitting by the Seine, Popolini (miam-miam), l'Eclairs de Génie (wonder why?), 2CVs, Place des Vosges, and Kate Spade flats! Wonderful post, and I have added Bistrotters to my list for the next visit...


  39. Great post. I loove Paris, France.

  40. Happy belated !! I've always wanted to go to Paris!! Love these pics!


  41. Everything looks so dreamy , I dream of a life in Paris .

  42. I love it too - just wish it wasn't so far away ....we found it really hard to get up in the morning when we were there and lived in the night time!

  43. Hi there-wow, gorgeous photos- Paris is such a wonderful city and those pastries look positively gorgeous too! xxx

  44. I miss Paris!
    I lived there 3 years..


  45. Wow I totally miss Paris now! Your new shoes are so pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Firmoo Eyewear Giveaway!

  46. I adore this fragrance, too. It's so enchanting! Thank you for a wonderful visual trip around Paris - I miss it very much. And that Galeries Lafayette ad with Natalia is one of my favourite ones they ever did. I was actually in Paris during that season. :)

  47. Like you I adore Paris...there are so many beautiful gardens squares, and sights around every corner! I have an image which sticks in my head of a woman I saw in the Place Vendome, outside of the Ritz, dressed in a fifties style Chanel dress kitten heels, coiffed hair, and about eight pug puppies on white diamond leads.....it was definitely Paris at it's best! Guess that's what is meant by putting on the Ritz! xx

  48. I think it's impossible to tire of Paris. x.

  49. Well....where can I start? Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I love your photo collection, especially the photos with the eclair and from Bistrotters. (food is such a pleasure). Loved the shoes you wore and your parfume!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  50. Beautiful photos. Paris is beautiful, I was there a few years ago. :)
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Take care
    Claudia P.

  51. Beautiful!! My husband and I have been talking recently about or first trip to Paris! I'll have to email you when we go :)

  52. This looks wonderful and I love those little puffs! I would like the cafe one, probably would be so tasty! Hope you are having a fabulous week!!


  53. Ahh Paris..I love seeing pictures...it never gets old! Thanks for sharing!

  54. I never get tired of Paris either! it's such a beautiful city, thanks for sharing these pics :)


  55. Happy birthday, Miss B and thank you for taking us along on your Parisian adventure! How cute was that chien soaking up the sun?
    I am getting ready for my upcoming Paris trip and Merci is on my list as well.
    xoxo, B

  56. Lovely Pictures! I've been to Paris once, years ago and I want to go back so bad, however I haven't gotten around to it yet! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

    PS: Happy belated birthday!! :)

  57. I am so jealous! Paris is the one place I MUST see before I die-- I've never been but have such a strong connection to it (as weird as that sounds haha)! It is just gorgeous there! & that dog made me smile :D
    xx Corinne

  58. Hi there Miss B! I really love the photos you have posted. Too bad, I was able to come along with your trip. Just kidding! Just looking at the mouth-watering pistachio makes me crave instantly. A trip to Paris is definitely everybody’s dream trip coz’ you will never regret visiting this place. It’s too beautiful for words.

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  59. wow, I'm jealous!!!! Amazing trip...

  60. What amazing photos! I really enjoyed looking through them :)

  61. Dear Miss b,
    Happy belated birthday! I adore your shoes! Looks like the most wonderful getaway! I love your hotel. So charming. Always fun to see what is new in Paris.

    Hope you are having a wonderful getaway now. Sorry I am late I was away too and am just catching up.

    Can't wait to read part 2!

    Enjoy the summer!

  62. So pleased you enjoyed my tour around Paris and thank you for all these comments. I do hope you will join me for Part 2!

  63. MMMM LOOVE THIS:) I thank you for sweet words on my blog.

    Check out my new post and have a great week beautiful:)

    LOVE Maria

  64. Dear Miss B : ) First of all a very late Happy Birthday : ) I see you got the best present, Paris is always a good idea! And I like your other gifts too : ) I am so looking forward to revisiting Paris too, maybe before Xmas. When I book our flights, I will recheck these posts, you have some great discoveries here. I especially love those desserts, should definitely try cream puffs. And that fish tank is something! Now I will read your 2nd Paris post : )

  65. You have a new follower! :-) great blog!


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