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Thursday, 25 July 2013

miss b loves ......... Hanoi, Vietnam (Part 1)

Vietnam has been on my must-visit list for a while now and after considerable research, I thought that Hanoi would be our kind of place ..... and it exceeded all our expectations! 

We had arranged to be picked up by the hotel and in the back of the car there was iced water, cold towels and ...... a tray of macarons! More macarons awaited us in our very elegant room ..........

The Hotel Metropole ...... We had definitely made the right decision! Complimentary macarons every evening! 

Our first morning began with a stroll around Hoàn Kiếm Lake .... 
Turtle Tower

....where locals come to sit and watch the world go by .......

We spotted an interesting looking bridge (The Welcoming Morning Sunlight Bridge!).....

.....which led to the Ngoc Son Temple (Temple of the Jade Mountain) .......

It was time to explore the Old Quarter but first we had to learn how to cross the road! There are so many scooters in Hanoi (an estimated five million!)....

You just have to step out in the road and cross ...... the scooters simply drive round pedestrians - a bit scary initially!

The narrow streets in this area were fascinating....

 ........ providing a real insight into everyday life here which in some ways hasn't changed much over the ages.....Tiny women balance heavy wicker baskets on a bamboo pole .....a mobile shop!

It's surprising what can be carried on a scooter or a bicycle ..... who needs a van! 

So many cups!

There are so many places to stop for street food, a drink or just a bowl of pho (traditional beef noodle soup) ......

These little blue stools are everywhere .....

We opted for the Green Tangerine .......

and a refreshing green tea ...... to escape from the heat and humidity ......

Too hot to enjoy the pretty courtyard ......

.......but it's never too hot to shop! Each street has  a speciality .... shoes .......


or my favourite street .... silk and embroidery.

 Tan My Design is a beautiful store .....

....with gorgeous embroidery.........

and here are my cute purchases .........

There's a stylish café there too ......

Back out into the heat ........the artwork is so impressive with rich, vibrant colours......

Beautiful lacquerware .....

and more souvenirs to take home ...

Later, back at the hotel, we enjoyed an amazing Vietnamese meal in the Spices Garden Restaurant ..... intense flavours and all beautifully presented ..... blue and white tableware and on wooden trays .........what a feast but the garlicky 'Ga roti' young chicken marinated with ginger and cinnamon and the traditional Hanoi 'pho'(pronounced 'fuh') were definitely the highlights of our dinner..... 

Pho soup -  ginger broth, spices
 and nooodles with beef

I do hope you will join me for Hanoi, Part 2 ........ coming soon ......the French Quarter!


  1. Great photos ;)


  2. That nice to travel through their post, dear!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. Hi sweety, I would have never thought about visiting Vietnam before...but your photos and descriptions have convinced me otherwise, it seems so full of life with vibrant streets and an interesting culture. Thanks for sharing your beauty views with me :) Happy Friday!

  4. Oh really cute pics sweetie, I always lo9ve it see pics from travels. Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´I hope your follow me bac in both!


    1. Thank you for following. I shall certainly pop over to have a look at your blog when I get chance.

  5. Looks like an amazing place! Would love to visit one day.

  6. Loved this post. Love travel posts. Never been to Vietnam. I bet you had an amazing time.
    Can't wait to see part 2. :)
    take care

  7. Looks like an amazing trip. The hotel is beautiful and the lake was so beautiful. Lots of fun things to do. I'd like to travel there one day and you have certainly inspired me.

    - Jen

  8. Dear Miss B, Really enjoyed this trip to Vietnam! It seems like a very colorful place! The shopping is amazing! I would be hard not to buy a lot. Love those baskets and you had me at silk! Love it.

    I have to say, I am surprised how many people are still carrying things with the long sticks and carrying baskets. Your photos are terrific! Looks like a beautiful trip! Looking forward to the next post!


  9. As usual, you have made me long to travel again! Vietnam is on our list and after we move to Australia, it will be just that little bit closer. After seeing your pics, I can't wait to explore it!

  10. This is so interesting! I've never been to Vietnam, but so glad that you shared about your trip. I like your purchases, very adorable, and I'd also love to eat there. Marvellous photos Miss b. xxHappy weekend. /Madison

  11. My best friend lives in Vietnam now with her bf. So I can say I know a lot about this country) I've become an addict of Vietnam's coffee by the way)
    Thank You for sharing such a nice post! Pictures are really beautiful!
    Have a happy time!


  12. Good to see another culture and beautiful pictures!

  13. It had never really occured to me to visit Vietnam, but after seeing these photos and hearing about the beginning of your wonderful experience there, it's officially been added to my must visit list! Hanoi looks beautiful - and absolutely fascinating. I can't wait to see more :)

  14. Morning Miss B! Going to Vietnam is onto my wishlist from ages as well! Thanks a lot for this virtual tour, I am just looking forward to the second part!:) That store is too cute, your purchases are so adorable!:) How yummy the macarons in the hotel! Have a great weekend my dear, big kiss! xo

  15. Oh wow looks like you've been on another wonderful trip miss b! Funnily enough, Vietnam is next door where I'm originally from, but I've never set foot there. I guess when your country has almost the same topographical features and cultural references, you tend to look for something opposite. Those native bags are beautiful. I have a fan made of the same material that I'm carrying around coz it's hot. The cushion is very chic. Your bikini logo purse (wallet?) is so pretty! Very good buy. Would love to visit Vietnam one day. Thank you for the virtual tour xxx

    1. It's a very handy bag to keep lingerie in - much bigger than it looks in the photo. Ideal to pop into a suitcase when travelling too, I thought.

  16. What a quaint place to enjoy a cup of tea and such a scenic place for a tranquil stroll. Pho soup looks yum. Lovely to see you had a good trip to Vietnam. Have a beautiful weekend Miss B!

  17. I lived 3 months in Vietnam in 2005 and I loved it!


  18. wow, it looks gorgeous! i never would've thought to visit there.
    Stop by for a Mason Pearson hairbrush giveaway!

  19. Thankyou beyond much,dear miss B. for Always great stories behind your posts here....
    Fantatsic images with a real stories!!!

    Sending to you my summer hugs,

  20. The turtle tower looks like something out of a dream!

  21. Miss B, this post was absolutely awesome! I love your posts on your travels, because I feel like I'm there and understand everything you're saying. The hotel you stayed in looked absolutely amazing. I'm going to be very honest (and I'm so ashamed but) I had my preconceived notions about Vietnam being so poor. Oh how you have shown me otherwise and changed my mind. I love the walk you took on Hoan Kiem Lake. Peacefulness and serenity is what I see there. They have a lot of scooters! LOL I can only imagine you guys trying to cross the street. Maybe they'll introduce pedestrian walkways in the future. And talk about scooter overload! How do they do it? It's totally amazing to me how they can ride the scooter and balance everything they're transporting. I am loving all of the shops! Love their colorful baskets and silk goods. The items you bought are REALLY cute! I love their paintings. So pretty! I CAN"T WAIT TO READ PART II! This was absolutely fabulous! Great job! HAHAHA I'm all over the place on my blog. Different topics all the time. HAHAHA

    1. Thank you Kim for taking the time to write such a detailed comment. I always like to hear what you think! I must admit we weren't entirely sure what to expect during this trip but we absolutely loved it from start to finish!

  22. Such interesting and detailed architecture and the silks.. wow, gorgeous colors. Fascinating spot filled with history! I love Vietnamese food:) xxL

  23. Lovely pictures of your travels as always! I think I would be afraid to cross in front of all the scooters!! Love the silk and your purchases are so cute. I could sit in that little courtyard drinking tea all day!

  24. I dream to go to Vietnam <3
    Lucky you

    New post - Kisses

  25. oh wow another fabulous trip. Naomi from Coulda Woulda Shoulda introduced me to this haven which previous to reading her posts I had a few doubts about it being a holiday destination, but she completely swayed my thoughts; it's nice to read it from a different perspective too so it's definitely among one of my places to visit now.

    As usual you've taken some fabulous photos. You captured the culture perfectly especially with the scooters and woman carrying bamboo sticks; the sort of thing I'm used to seeing in the movies and of course the food - the pho soup looks delicious. When I read it I pronounced it wrong until you clarified how it should be pronounced ha thanks.

    Have a great weekend hun!

  26. Wow this place looks amazing! Not a place I have ever thought about going but that could all change now! Thanks for sharing these pictures x

  27. Wonderful Post <3
    Love the Photos ,amazing Lake :)


  28. Oh my goodness, you love to travel as much as Jess does! What a delightful place this is. I love the bridge, it's so charming. Temple of the Jade Mountains looks very interesting. The scooter picture with all the packages is such a fun picture. I think my favorite was the turquoise doors and shutters. I would have definitely wanted to take home one of the Laquerware. They are so beautiful. And all the shopping on the streets! This looks like such a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing your travels, again. I have now seen Vietnam through your lens.


  29. What a fun treat to find those goodies waiting in the car for you. Vietnam looks really cool, I'm glad you had a great trip!
    xo Mary Jo

  30. Ça donne envie d'y aller ! Quelle est la meilleure saison pour y aller ?

    1. Le meilleur mois pour y aller est novembre ou bien octobre, je crois. On est allés en juin pour fêter mon anniversaire mais il faisait très chaud!

  31. Miss B, what a fascinating trip to Vietnam. I have never been there. It would be really scary crossing the street with those scooters. How creative the Vietnamese could be in carrying around their items on a scooter. Your Hotel must be really nice to stay in. Those items in the shops are amazing. I particularly like those painting and bowls. Have a wonderful weekend. Pamela

  32. Wow - so amazing and so many similarities to Hong Kong & China (little plastic stools for sitting on and traders carrying so much on their bikes). I can't imagine what the heat was like because the courtyard in the Green Tangerine looks inviting and not too sunny but appearances can be deceiving. And yes ... the shoe stalls and the bag stalls would have me captivated too but I too love the silk merchants - fascinating treasure troves.

  33. Vietnam a place I have heard so much about but never visited. Your post just makes me feel the atmosphere and culture of the country. Oh how lucky you are to visit so many amazing places.

  34. Oh how I love Hanoi! I've really enjoyed your post - it's been 8 years since we were there, and it looks still the same, with a few changes. I absolutely adore Vietnamese food - I loved the White Rose dumplings, and also the delicious Hot Pots... and of course all the traditional French bakeries there were around the place. And love the silk and embroidery and the gorgeous lacquerware.
    Agree with you about crossing the street too - it's an adrenalin rush! Can't wait for your part 2 xx

  35. hello hello Miss B!!!
    this is such a interesting post... the fact that I never been to Vietman, I just feel like I'm there while reading your adventure. I really think I should ask your reccomendation and guidelines when it comes to travel ;)
    take care and hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!
    xoxo,Meg of Sweet Gala's

  36. I have always wanted to go there. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Vietnam seems like a fabulous destination! Take care, Catherine

  37. I've only been to Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam but I heard that Hanoi was even better so I'm definitely planning on going there whilst I live on this side of the world;)
    great pictures!

  38. Wow it looks like such a beautiful place , totally goes on my bucketlist.

  39. Hi sweety, wanted to wish you well for the week ahead.

  40. it looks amazing! would love to go there!

  41. I am so happy cause in your beautiful blog I can see and read interesting things about places round the world. So, thank u!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  42. I love the architecture of Southeast Asia. Love the images of the temple and landscape.

  43. Loving your travel stories + photos!


  44. Thanks for stopping by Miss B! Have a lovely evening! Kisses! xo

  45. Everything looks so beautiful. I love your photos.

    Tracy @ www.sunnydaystarrynight.com

  46. What an beautiful place to visit! Your photos are beautiful. xoxo, B

  47. Je suis surprise de voir que le Vietnam est encore aussi traditionnel; on s'attend tellement à ce que tous les pays se ressemblent de nos jours ! Et toutes ce choses à acheter sont bien tentantes; merci pour ce beau voyage !xx

  48. I have never been to Vietnam but it is on my list :) Love your pictures...

    PS Thank you for your lovely comment :)

  49. Its a place I would love to go one day.


  50. love that you were greeted with macarons! i couldn't think of a better welcome :) the turtle tower looks so pretty and serene and i love that building with the turquoise accents. looks amazing there!

  51. It's been so interesting reading everyone's comments. Like me,
    so many of you were really surprised by Hanoi and everything it has to offer. It's so good to read that many of you who had not ever thought about visiting Vietnam would now consider going. You won't be disappointed!


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