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Thursday, 5 September 2013

miss b loves .......Istanbul markets and some interesting finds!

During our latest trip to Istanbul, at the end of May, we visited a local pazar (market) and I mentioned here that it deserved its own post......so here it is! 

Good markets fascinate me as they really reflect local life and culture. This was very much a neighbourhood market outside the city centre and we seemed to be the only tourists! We were amazed by the quantity and quality of the fresh produce .........

We've not seen garlic as fresh as this in the UK .... 

....and we just had to buy some to take home....

Stallholders offered us samples to try (which doesn't usually happen in our markets!) If only watermelon back home tasted as good as this one .....

....and this cheese actually reminded me of our own local crumbly Lancashire cheese both in appearance and taste!

There was so much choice ......the freshest herbs ......

So many varieties of olives ....... Gemlik is the most common type in Turkey, sold mainly as a breakfast olive.....

and olive oil direct from the olive farm ....

Of course we saw produce which we would rarely see in our market ....including artichokes ...

...vine leaves which are used to make the popular stuffed vine leaves dolma also known as sarma which means 'a wrapped thing'....

 ... and it's the first time I've seen mulberries too ....

and barbunya beans ... which I think we call borlotti beans!

Rose petals are used to make rose water, a popular flavouring in Turkish desserts ......

Before moving on to the non-foods section of the market we enjoyed some fresh doughnuts (lokma) lightly dusted with cinnamon ...

I was mesmerised by the huge variety of goods on sale... everything from pots and pans to ..... glittery mobile phone covers but I was drawn to a couple of stalls selling ....... clothes.

Textile production in Turkey goes way back to the Ottoman period and today they are the sixth largest supplier in the world and the second largest supplier to the EU including many of the major UK retailers.  

I spotted many well-known brands (even though part of their labels had been cut out!)current season, some hot off the production line, some very slight seconds and I very quickly snapped up an absolute bargain .... a lace top with a pretty scalloped edge.... perfect, too, except for the missing label!   

Finally, from Istanbul ..... an unusual bracelet (not from the market!!) from the boutique Herşey Aşktan which means 'All comes from love.' There's a range of jewellery and other gifts carrying their special logo and they have beautiful boxes ... mine is decorated with a hamsa.

Please click here to read more about our trips to the captivating city of Istanbul.


  1. Great finds indeed! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks incredible. I do love exploring markets wherever I travel. x


    I love markets,I love all different colours of them,smells and those atmosphere....:)*

    I can almost smell all these wonderful products via your radiant images:)))*

    Thankyou for share your lovely experiences here,

    Wishing to you great September ehead,

  4. I'm always fascinated by the different markets in each country. This looks lovely.

  5. What a wonderful market to go explore! I love the shirt and bracelet you came home with.

  6. It is my wish to visit Istanbul one day. The market is fascinating. Lots to discover and also to buy depending on our own tastes. The honey donuts look delicious, then your lace top is gorgeous. Love your bracelet. You purchased well Miss B.

  7. Thank you for your warm welcome darling. I've missed you a lot too!!
    I love this post about the Istambul market and keep it in my records for my future travel to Istambul!!! ;-)


  8. Hi Miss B! Being a huge veggies and fruit lover, I am stunned by the beauty of the market. The produce looks so fresh and savory, for sure everything there is healthy and too good!:) If there is a thing I also love to do here is go to the market of my city, it is really picturesque!:) Btw, the top is a great bargain, the scalloped edge is too adorable, I'd love to have a shirt as this!:) Also I like the bracelet and the hamsa!:) Kisses dear! xo

  9. Great post I so agree I can never get garlic as fresh and flavoursome as abroad I love to bring some home. I would love to do my daily shopping at a market like this

  10. Nice market!!! great photos and post!!
    Have a nice day!!! my g+ for you!!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  11. Oh, what a fun place the marketplace is. I have always loved them myself. Look at all those vegetables, and the olives! You know, I have been eating lots of garlic lately for my health. Those doughnuts with cinnamon, oh my! Your white lace blouse is so feminine and pretty, and I like the gold bracelet too. I often think that we have the same taste in fashion and décor. I'm so glad you got to experience this wonderful place. I want to go to the marketplace now.

    Happy September!


  12. Istanbul fait partie de mes prochains projets de voyage...
    Merci pour toutes ces infos.... J'adore les marchés et leurs couleurs, l'ambiance, l'abondance de produits frais.... et le bracelet est magnifique.... je retiens l'adresse!!!
    Belle fin de semaine

  13. hey miss b! everything looks so FRESH at that market! i would want everything. hahaha and you are right! that is the freshest garlic i've ever seen. love that they gave you guys samples. the watermelon looked delish. love your hamsa bracelet. i just recently bought one. i love your lace top. its so pretty and i know it looks beautiful on you. wishing you a wonderful weekend doll.

  14. Oh how I love a great market and this one looks amazing! Now I need to travel to Istanbul!

  15. You are absolutely right that this needed its own post. One of my favourite things to do is to go to spice and local markets. That is just beautiful looking garlic! Thanks for sharing Miss b. and happy weekend. xx/Madison

  16. Love a food market - those garlic bulbs look pretty in a bundle! I sometimes think I should stay in a flat so I could cook with the produce. Love that rosewater concoction - would love a fountain like that at home!

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely message...I absolutely love your blog and am now your newest follower. Your pics are so beautiful, amazing colors. Looking forward to your future postings.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Greetings, Heidi

  18. As a nutritionist, I'm very much a fruit & veg girl, although I prefer fruit because of my sweet tooth, so I'd have loved purchasing goods from this market, almost as much a clothes. There's nothing better than fruit that look like they have just been picked - the colour looks amazing; I can imagine they tasted delicious. I wonder what their policy is on pesticides etc.

    Love your bracelet and the meaning behind it!

  19. Miss B I'm appalled by the quantity and variety of fresh vegetables. I wish we had a place like that here, as I love every kind of veggie. Your finds are amazing, you came home with two little treasures!
    Big hugs dear!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  20. Those peppers at the top.. everything looks so fresh. Nothing like a farmers market for the most perfect produce. Lovely pictures! xxL

  21. These photos are wonderful and so colourful!... that garlic looks wonderful too!. I haven't visited Turkey yet.... and it is very high on my lift! xx

  22. Hi there! wow, I love fresh fruit and vegetable stalls, especially with different and unusual produce! Fabulous pictures and really love your bracelet too! xx

  23. yes , Marienplatz ! lovely photos, a lot of funny pictures!

  24. The lace top is so pretty. Unfortunately I didn't visit any market when I was in Istanbul. Usually I love to see some because they tell you a lot about the locals and their country.

  25. Hi Miss B, great photos, Ive found recently that I am far more interested in food markets than clothing markets when traveling, its amazing all the exotic ingredients that you can find. The olive oil looks fantastic and so fresh! I also loved the spice market in Istanbul, it had the best rose & pistachio turkish delight that I have ever tried. Very pretty top & bracelet.Happy Weekend Sweetheart!

  26. Lovely photo's, it looks like a really great market! The lace top is gorgeous! xo


  27. Oh yes, this bazaar deserves really a own post - with it´s wonderful goods which can be purchased there! It´s always really interesting for me to see, which kind of food is available in foreign countries and I recognized again the differencies to our Bavarian markest and to your bazaar. It seems that you have a much bigger diversity and I think your vegetables and fruits are more fresh. Wonderful photos, thanks for that!

    And thank you for your nice comment on my blog - I checked immediately your blog with the result: I like it!

    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It´ll be great if you come return to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. Thank you for your comment. I wish our markets in the UK had this huge range of fresh produce. We were just visiting this Istanbul market and like you we were admiring the wonderful fruit and vegetables. I'm so pleased that you like my blog and I shall pop back over to yours to read more of your posts.

  28. Looks great. I have never been in Istanbul. Hope to read more about this famous city! Greetings from Zurich!

  29. Love good markets. That bracelet it gorgeous too.

  30. Beautiful market ! And I love your top :)

  31. That lace top is to die for! And I am shamed to admit that I had no idea that fresh garlic looked like that (I always assumed it was a bit discoloured and flaky)!

  32. this all looks wonderful I have never seen garlic like that before Must be so great to cook with Thank you for these trips to places I probably will not get to myself It is just amazing!!


  33. You have such captivating travel posts Miss B! These photos are gorgeous. I feel like I just took a stroll through the market with you. That gold bracelet is to die for-love!!!
    xx, Heather

  34. I adore markets like this, fresh produce all around and also the tasting haha. Loving the bracelet its really gorgeous. Hope you have an awesome week head.

  35. Love those kind of food market,
    i ussually go once a week to one near my home in Athens!


  36. All the food looks so fresh and yummy!!! great pictures :)


  37. The market's pictures are very beautiful, and all vegetables and fruits looks good :-)
    Et ton bracelet est tout simplement MAGNIFIQUE !!

  38. Thank you so much for your really nice comment and following my blog! I´m following you already with great pleasure <3

    xx Rena

    High quality give away on my blog http://dressedwithsoul.blogspot.de for my dear readers ♥

  39. Wow the produce looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  40. Nice founds and you seem fascinated from this pazar. I bet it was very interesting experience for you!

    Sun and Sand

  41. Those markets look stunning. What a riot of color...and that garlic has to be my favorite. Although I do love the carved watermelon too. :)

  42. all this food looks so healthy and great! new follower!

  43. nothing better than fresh food! yumm

  44. Les marchés sont beaux de partout.

    merci pour tes visites


  45. I love Istanbul too. Huge city but so beautiful. And I also love open markets in general.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  46. Miss B, that food is so fresh looking! Oh I could almost taste it. I bet everything was delicious there. Yummy! Beautiful food and the top you found is gorgeous! Ok....I am curious....is there a meaning behind the symbol on your bracelet? It's very beautiful. Thank you for sharing. :)


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment about my bracelet, Debra. The symbol actually means 'all comes from love.'

  47. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. It would seem that we all love to wander around a good market!

  48. I love to see all the unique foods and vegetables at other markets. What a lovely find that lace blouse was! I love the bracelet too. You have had some wonderful travels this year! Love to see it all from your perspective!

    Have a good week!



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