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Sunday, 8 December 2013

miss b loves ........Peggy Porschen's festive treats and some stylish decorations.

I'm just back home after spending a couple of days in London ......amazing Christmas lights, exquisite and creative window displays....a visit to the V&A 'Pearls' exhibition and ......Christmas shopping (of course!)

I knew there would be plenty of festive sweet treats at Peggy Porschen's boutique bakery and I couldn't resist a visit before starting my shopping ........ 

The windows had been hand-painted with cute festive scenes and characters.......

.... and inside, as expected, there were some very special cupcakes .....

Festive Chocolate, Red Velvet Snowman,
 Sticky  Toffee, Festive Vanilla,  Sugar Plum

.....and what did I choose?......

Lightly spiced gingerbread sponge with
 a lemon cream cheese frosting

 and a mini gingerbread man

 ... and how could I resist this little reindeer biscuit.....

Intricately iced hanging cookies adorned the Christmas tree too ......

......and I can tell you that everything tastes as good as it looks! Such attention to detail......even the receipts are pink!

No wonder Peggy Porschen has so many fans!
'A slice of cake heaven' Daily Mail
'The best cupcakes in the world' Vanity Fair

Before heading back to the tube station, I stopped to admire some very stylish decorations...

A detour down Pavilion Road, off Sloane Street..... 

Bazia Zarzycka, Agnès B, Heidi Klein

What a lovely door wreath
at Basia Zarzycka

Just time for a quick cappuccino and a cookie at Cocomaya before heading over to Regent Street. 

Please join me next time ......to see London all dressed up for Christmas......

Giant baubles at Covent Garden


  1. Gorgeous photos. I used to love walking through london just admiring the decorations, the wreaths and the window boxes. Love that bakery - how beautiful the windows are! Love that gnome in particular, I remember how that book swept the world back in the late 80's, it's probably due for a revival. Thanks for the lovely Christmassy post xx

  2. London is wonderful when is dressed up for Christmas, And that place-they I didn't know- looks really cute!
    Facebook Page Bonjourchiara

  3. So beautiful and festive. London just sparkles during the Christmas Season. Love those cupcakes. I will Peggy's on my list when I visit London. The paintings on her windows are just exquisite.

  4. I'm going to town on Thursday, may have to grab one of those cupcakes! x

  5. Hi Miss B! I just want to go to Peggy Porschen now, it looks fantastic! Next time I am in London (and I really hope soon), I have to go there. The cupcakes are so adorable, I like your choice, maybe I would have had the Xmas tree, also the reindeer biscuit is so sweet. Have a lovely week ahead dear, kisses! xo

  6. elle a l'air trop mignonne cette boutique !


  7. Yes, I'm taking up that offer to join you around London! Because I live and work here, I very rarely look at it in wondering and wandering touristy eyes. Was in Regent St 2 weeks ago, after 2 years or so, and it felt and looked so festive it reminded me of my first Christmas here. Looking forward to your next set of photos x

  8. Thank you, thank you for this post! I am off to London next THursday and I will try to visit as well! These cupcakes look awesome! --- You are so right with your comment on my blog - these Ladies look much more stylish! Christa

  9. Those hand painted windows are stunning! What talent!

  10. I love pearls, work near the V&A, and still haven't been to the exhibition! Was it wonderful?

    Glad you had a great weekend! I travelled the other way, to Manchester to celebrate a dear friend's 30th. It was magical, and I am very glad to be home!


  11. Yum! You had a very sweet time. Sorry, could resist that bad pun. It looks amazing and had my mouth watering. I look forward to your tour of the decorations. It's my favorite time of year. xo

  12. Ahhhh Miss B! Peggy Porschen never ceases to amaze me. That gingerbread cupcake and reindeer cookie look so good. Her details floor me each and every time. I'm impressed with her windows! The little cupcakes! So beautiful. Glad you went again around holiday so I could see it. I remember you going before. London really looks beautiful for the holidays. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I want to thank you for providing those two links: Bloomburys and Beas. I remember them now!!! And I SEE the difference. That's why I like a history of blog posts, because you can always use them as reference. Thanks for noting them in your comment. It will help me and others. THANKS!!! :D

  13. I love Christmas deco and everything about the festive season.

  14. I have never heard of Peggy Porschen. The cakes look so delicious!

  15. The cupcakes are such a piece of art that I wouldn't dare eating them! All that Christmas decoration is very isnpiring too.


  16. Welcome back miss b! The window displays there during this season is what I miss most! Looks like such a lovely bundle of goodies so artful! Stay warm and have a wonderful week. xx/Madison

  17. Love those super cute cupcakes!!! I enjoyed your London decor post!

  18. what a fun little adventure. i would have chosen the snowman! those were all so cute.

  19. Those cupcakes are brilliant! ... your photos captured the essence of Christmas and all the excitement of the season ... Wishing you a beautiful week..hugs, C. (HHL)

  20. I absolutely forgot about the Pearls!!! I knew there was something I wanted to see and my brain just forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder. I hope I can still see it.
    Thank you for the photos - charming and interesting as always.


    1. I hope you manage to see the exhibition. It's on until the 19th January and it's well worth a visit. I'm hoping to write a post about it at some point!

  21. les cupcakes sont trop beaux!



  22. Oh dear! sorry I'm late.. my feeburner isn't updating!

    What a feast for the eyes here! I do love all those elaborately frosted cupcakes. Sounds like you are enjoying the season!


  23. Every sweet looks delicious!


  24. Oh, I loved everything about this post - the cupcakes, the decorations, the festive windows, and the spirit of Christmas! London is all decked out. This bakery shop is delightful, and I love the name Peggy, which is my dear Mother's name. I think I would have chosen the Gingerbread cupcake too. I always take a stroll with you on your travels, and I'm so grateful for that, my friend.


  25. You seriously find the best places! How delightful and charming is the bakery, its what my sweet dreams are made of, the cupcakes look divine!...I loved reading your fashionable insight on my last post, Thank you :)

  26. Love the natural decor of Bazia Zarzycka & Heidi Klein...so beautiful!

  27. Those Christmas cupcakes are amazing! They look so pretty! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  28. Those cupcakes look almost too pretty to eat (almost)! :)

  29. What a lovely trip to London this time of year! xo Caroline

  30. All the window displays are a real treat! How beautiful London is at Christmas

  31. I used to live in London when I was at uni and I do miss the festive atmosphere and lights, so much so that I have just yesterday booked myself a day trip just to look at the lights.

    I didn't use to be a cupcake fan before I went to NY, but now I love them so I may just take a pass by Peggy's! Thanks for sharing!

  32. I love it all ! OMG Those windows are fabulous! And the cuppies are so so sweet, you hate to eat them when they are so cute! I needed a pretty post tonight, Thank you !!

  33. Very nice! Great post.Amazing pictures ;)

    Read my post about Christmas diy ==> CHRISTMAS DIY

    Kiss Madina

  34. Those desserts are beautiful and look tasty. Wish I could get my hands on those cookies and cupcakes. :)



  35. I love the decor very much! Those cupcakes are so pretty!

  36. Thank you for your all comments!


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