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Thursday, 12 December 2013

miss b loves....London..... all dressed up for Christmas.

I'm so fortunate to live just two hours by train from London and December is always a special time to visit. My two day trip last week certainly put me in a festive mood.....and I managed to fit in some Christmas shopping and a stroll around the V&A museum too!

This year the Oxford Street lights were inspired by falling snowflakes and there are apparently 1778 baubles twinkling above the mile-long shopping street .......

A huge sign outside Selfridges reminds everyone that the festive season has arrived!

The Selfridges windows theme, 'The Wish List' featured oversized gifts in snowy landscapes including this enormous Charlotte Olympia shoe.

I especially liked the giant snow globe...... 

Look who I spotted walking around Selfridges with his elf helper......

I had to follow him into the children's department for a photo ......

Cute stockings........

The quirky animals in the John Lewis displays were all made from household objects on sale in the store - clever idea! 

A reindeer made from 
Dyson vacuum cleaners!

Regent Street....A partridge in a pear tree....

J Crew of course is now open and I was tempted by these sparkly shoes but I was supposed to be looking for gifts!!

Maybe I should have bought them!

Anthropologie, just across the street, was as expected full of gift ideas ......

'It's never too cold for Champagne'

I couldn't miss a quick detour to the iconic Liberty store.

Liberty windows have captured the thrill of pulling a cracker with the bang being a collection of gorgeous gifts.

The South Molton Street decorations were tasteful and so effective too ......

Hundreds of cute robins were dangling mid-air above Carnaby Street shoppers ......

The Harrods windows were definitely the most spectacular and extravagant ......

It took 50 people over 500 hours to create the magical displays inspired by the classic British steam train......

'The Harrods Express'

Each window or 'carriage' features a glamorous scene and a screen with moving images gives the impression that the train is travelling through the countryside. 

The 'Pearls' exhibition at the V&A museum really deserves a post of its own some time but I must show you the impressive 'Red Velvet Tree of Love'  which stands in the Grand Entrance. Created by Helen and Colin David of textile label English Eccentrics, the tree is coated in red flocking and is decorated with replica antlers and heart-shaped baubles .......

Westminster Abbey was just a two minute walk from our hotel and early on Tuesday morning I spotted the tree being delivered ...

What a great name for 
a Christmas tree company!

Erecting the tree was quite a challenge and at one point it almost fell back on top of the men! Finally it was in the hole and upright. Everyone watching, including the tourists queuing to get into the Abbey, suddenly applauded! 

Our evening was spent in Covent Garden .......I can recommend Wahaca, a Mexican restaurant serving 'street food' .... delicious and a relaxed, lively ambiance too.......

Of course Covent Garden looked festive too with a giant topiary reindeer complete with a flashing red nose!

The biggest baubles I have ever seen......

I'm sure you will agree that London looks stunning and is certainly ready for the Christmas celebrations!

PS As for the Christmas shopping ......a resounding success! I wish I could show you my gifts but that would spoil the surprise for friends and family who read my blog!!!

However I did manage to find time to buy just a couple of treats for myself ......

If you missed the first part of my London trip click here.     



  1. Wow! This is a lovely post. All I like about winter is this Christmas decoration, London look just like a big city should look like - gorgeous!
    My town, Zagreb, is small (only about 1 mil inhabitans) but it aslo looks great, with those lights and places to go...
    Lovely post! :)

  2. Lucky you to live so close to London. The City truly look so festive, fun and the lights display spectacular. Thank you for taking us on a tour.

  3. j'adore les décos de Noël à Londres, surtout les parapluies sur Oxford street !


  4. I love London at the holidays! And ahhhh, that cat shoe display is sheer caturday goodness, Love!!!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. London sure knows how to decorate for Christmas! It's all so beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the magical display windows on the steam train. They are so enchanting. And that RED VELVET TREE OF LOVE - how gorgeous! LOVE is so special to remember at Christmas time.

    Merry Christmas, my friend.


  6. Good evening Miss B.! How lovely London must be, and how I would love to be there! The lights, the hustle and bustle that has a "vintage" feel to it, like NYC in the old days!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit me today and for your kind comment. I enjoy using music, words and images to create almost a movie of sorts. I would LOVE to make a short film one day!

    Enjoy all of your preparations and surrender your heart to the silence of nature's beauty! Anita

  7. I got so hooked on the show Mr. Selfridge On our PBS station, I love seeing the real thing! Wish I was in London right now!

  8. Miss B, London looks superb! HaHaHa I wish I was with you. I have never seen a red tree let alone a red velvet tree. How spectacular! I'm laughing how you followed Santa Claus. That is too funny! I would've done the same thing. HaHaHa I love that large reindeer and baubles. You had a spectacular time. And this post was a TREAT for us (your readers). I love how you showcase everywhere you go. I can't tell you enough how I enjoy seeing it. Truly magical.

  9. Wow thanks for sharing all of your amazing pictures. If I ever visit London, I'll definitely try and go at Christmas time. Glad you had such a nice time there. Thanks for sharing :D sparkle2day.com

  10. Dear miss b, many thanks for this pre-Christmas tour of Central London! Love it! I was in Mayfair last night and I couldn't breathe as the crowd was just too much for me. I think I've become a country bumpkin. Haha. I do love London come Christmas time. Beautiful photos, it's as if I was actually there. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. What a beautiful place to be at Christmas. Love seeing all of the images and the red tree is stunning!! Needed that for my post today.

  12. Oh I love that red tree! what fabulous holiday inspiration here....I love such a decorated city!

  13. Must be wonderful to visit London around Christmas. I've always wanted to, but since I have a my pup, I always worry about train delays and leaving him alone for too long if that happens. :( I know I sounds pretty boring… And thank you for sharing the photos! x

  14. I would love to visit at Christmas sometime:) Wonderful photos and I like your new candles! Have a great weekend:)
    ~Anne xx

  15. It looks so pretty!! I'm actually going to visit London right after Christmas. I can't wait to go. Hopefully the Christmas decorations will still be there!! :)
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  16. Just beautiful! Christmas in London is definitely on my list of things to do. xoxo, B

  17. I agree, and remember that the Selfridges windows were always my favourite to see when I was living there. But, this year I think they just blew us away, I loved the windows so much. I'm a fan of candles and love the ones you have chosen. Thanks so much for your sweet words. Happy Holidays lovely, miss b. xx/Madison

  18. I have always wanted to visit London and it looks beautiful in your pictures. (Especially the lights hanging overhead like so many miniature moons). Also, I don't know why but I found that giant cat flat hilarious.



  19. Oh wow!! Lucky you Miss B! You have no idea how much would love to visit London, love that city. The lights made me dream, definitely the city is so ready to celebrate Christmas. How cute Santa Claus!:) Selfridges is awesome, and I felt in awe when I saw the red velvet tree of love, absolutely fab! Happy weekend dear, kisses! xo

  20. Aw wow Miss B, This is incredible, I advent seen decorations more magical. we have nothing like this in SA, so this post was a real treat. I can't imagine whats the electricity bills after seeing all these lights! Stunning, wish i could be there. Thanks for your kinds words dear, have a warm and splendid weekend!

  21. I really think London looks its best at Christmas time. I never thought I would say this but I love the red Christmas tree

  22. I really missed out on a lot of beautiful things in London but thanks to you, I get to catch a glimpse nevertheless.

  23. Miss B! After spending the holidays in London and Paris last year you have just given me a lovely little walk down memory lane. Thank you! The windows at Harrods-so fun to see them this year-always spectacular. London truly dresses up for the holidays. Lucky lady to be only 2 hours away!
    Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday!
    xx, Heather

  24. Well this has made me even more excited about visiting London next week. I'm not looking forward to the crowds, but I am looking forward to the festive atmosphere and lights. Definitely visiting some of the same spots as you; can't wait to see the Harrods window and Libertys. Thank for this tour, you visit some lovely places and it's great that you take us with you!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  25. Thank you for that lovely tour of London all dressed up for the holidays! We have similar displays of festive fun in New York but our streets don't have as many lights... And thank you for stopping by The Buzz - we're thrilled to meet our readers from across the pond!
    C + C

  26. i got to be in london once for christmas. a great memory for me!

  27. Loving the giant reindeer! Inspiring images...

  28. Oh goodness! I'm late here!

    Wow! The Pearl Exhibite is stunning.. eye candy! Yes, you ARE fortunate you live so close to London. It's fun see London through your eyes. You always take such wonderful photos:) Snow globes are so fun and I like the one you show at the top. Lots of gorgeous windows and so many lights! Looks like you are enjoying the season ;). xxL

  29. wow...so many pretty things to look at here! i've never been to london but the harrods windows remind me of les galeries lafayettes in paris! SO ornate and detailed. :)

  30. This looks like so much fun, I love the red Christmas tree is awesome! I only live 2 hours by train too, but I've never been there shopping!

    Corinne x

  31. We've long talked of having a European Christmas and all these lovely blog posts have me adding London to the list. It just seems so very lovely at this time of year. I think it's moved to the top of the heap. :)

  32. Wow, so beautiful! I love Christmas! :)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! You will find topics such as beauty, health, NYC fashion, personal growth and motivation between others! <3

    New Outfit Post: A Colorful Cold Day

  33. What a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing so much of it with us!

  34. pour ca noel c'est sympa, les jolies vitrines,la deco! et à Londres c'est fun!


  35. London is so beautiful all decked out! You should buy those sparkly loafers...I have been eyeing them as well!!

  36. so festive..."destination Christmas" I love that!

  37. I love each and every pic you shared in this post
    so festive and happy
    I'm definitely feeling the holidays.
    And I'm happy to know you are having such a great time there.


  38. Everything is so beautiful and festive! The red Christmas tree is unusual but very pretty and unique. I've never been to London before but would love to visit someday.

  39. Thank you for all these comments. It was such a treat seeing London at this time of year and as you may have noticed, I couldn't resist taking photos! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  40. I always get so excited when I start to see all the decorations going up around the city. Some of the stores put on amazing displays.

  41. So festive! It's amazing to be in Europe this time of the year.

  42. London is SO pretty!! Would love to visit there. Ha, I love that Charlotte Olympia shoe!! Too cute!
    Following your lovely blog now. :)

    - Regina
    Margarita Bloom: Retro Beauty & Skincare

    1. I'm so pleased you like my blog. Thank you for following, Margarita!

  43. Miss b, SO enjoyed this post and the other half. Just read through it twice. Loved seeing wall these streets. It's wonderful how each area gets dressed up. I recognize them all except for Molton Street. I also love J Crew and Anthro. Always neat things. You have your priorities straight hitting Peggy P bakery first! What a treat to see what she comes up with. The gingerbread one sounded so good. One year I want to get to London at Christmas!

  44. I was in London once for Christmas and it was so nice. This pictures beings back memory.


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