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Thursday, 27 February 2014

miss b loves .......Florentines

I mentioned here that during my recent trip to London I enjoyed a perfect flat white coffee and a florentine at Nude Espresso....

....and I was determined to recreate this very indulgent biscuit.......Well, here is my version.....based on Delia's recipe.

I omitted the 25g of angelica and added an extra 25g mix of glacé cherries and candied peel instead. 

As the name suggests, the florentine was created in Florence during the Renaissance and the recipe was exported to France by the cooks of Marie de Medicis. Today it is often considered to be a French biscuit.

Store in an airtight container

Delicious as a sweet treat with a coffee or for a quick (but very rich) dessert, crumble a florentine over vanilla ice cream and top with whipped cream!

I also came across a couple of interesting variations which I intend to try..........

Sour cherry and stem ginger florentines where crème fraîche is used instead of double cream...


Cranberry, orange and chocolate florentines 
Watch this cute video animation of Ruby Tandoh's recipe .........

PS Warning! These sweet, nutty, chocolatey biscuits are seriously moreish! There are very few left in the our storage jar now .....


  1. Oh you are killing me here, I just started a low carb diet to get ready for Europe and these look sooo good!!

  2. Mmm they look so yummy! Perfect for a late cup of coffee!

  3. Miss B, these look so good! I've never had one before. Love the ingredients.

  4. I have never tried Florentines before. These look delicious.

  5. Mmmm, it looks absolutely delicious. Nice to start your weekend with a cup of coffee and a cookie like this




  6. Little gourmet biscuits are my favourite! You certainly know how to get around to the best places ... and I love that you recreated it as well, that's dedication! hehe. Wishing you a marvellous and cosy weekend. x/Madison

  7. Now, it could sound so weird said from an Italian, but I never tasted one! And I didnt know that now they are considered French. Btw, you have been great beyond the word, they look really delicious and tasty, I believe that if I have one, soon Id eat also another and so on!:) They are moreish indeed. Let me checked out the recipe u used, Id love to try. Kisses and have a wonderful weekend dear xo

  8. I've never had one! And now I feel seriously deprived. They look very addicting and delicious!! Enjoy your weekend darling. xoJennifer

  9. Ha! darling video:) These look AMAZING.. I like food that contains lots of different ingredients. Thanks for providing the link! I'm headed over:) Enjoy your weekend:) xxleslie

  10. That cookies look absolutely amazing! Oh, my... who can be on a diet?
    thanks for stopping by http://www.ttbdivas.blogspot.com
    I'm glad I'm following you

  11. They look so delicious. At first I thought that you had bought them! Well done.

  12. Goodness, these look so delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe link. I'm tempted to make these tonight for dessert. Have a great weekend.


  13. Yumminess, these looks so richly delicious and covered in jewels of fruit and nuts. I love baking so I have to try to make them, thanks for sharing. Have a relaxing and unwinding weekend hun!

  14. Oh my gosh, these Florentines look amazing! They kind of resemble the fruit cakes here. I wish I had one to go with my tea right now.

    I wanted to tell you on my post today, that was me in the purple and the other pic was my friend. I think some thought that both pics were of my friend. I should have noted that, my mistake.

    Have a great weekend, and thank you for always inspiring us with your beautiful posts.


  15. Miss b, These look amazing and delicious! They are pretty too. Love to try to make these. I may try these this weekend. It's rainy here and it's perfect for baking and staying in.
    Have a good weekend! xx Kim

  16. oh, my! Those cookies look super tasty) I'd love to try a piece of it) Lovely snapshots as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

  17. I've never tried florentines before, they look delicious!

  18. oh how i love florentines. i have never made them before but am definitely thinking about it after seeing these yummy photos :)

  19. Mmmmmm! Looks delicious!!! I've always been temped to try them and you've inspired me!

  20. These treats look absolutely DIVINE! Great photos and post. YUM!



  21. These look absolutely delicious! xo Caroline

  22. They look delicious:) Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  23. Yes, they would be gone in seconds so it would be best that I didn't make these, especially given that I don't live with anyone else to help me with eating them. The last time I tried one of these was actually when I was last in London - delicious! I tend to opt for carrot cake when I'm out but these make a refreshing change sometimes. Well done for having a go at making them yourself! Thank you for your lovely words on my blog.

  24. Mmmmmm...Florentines...One of my favorites.
    I have never thought of adding fruit, it make so much sense to do so!
    I am pleased to meet you, Ms B, and very honored to have you following strong. Your blog and your shop are so fashionable! I am going to pop you on my sidebar so I keep on track with your posts!

  25. All this cakes look DELUCIOUS!
    Lively post!!
    Thnak You for your visit and you know you are slways welcome
    Lots love and happy day!!

  26. Wow these look so delicious! I never knew what Florentines were but thanks to you, now I do :)

  27. I have never made them will definitely try to now. I do find them very addictive one is never enough.

  28. Me encanta tu bloc ha sido un placer visitarlo, te invito a mi blog, y si te gusta espero que te hagas seguidora.

  29. I have never made them.....but I do love them as well. They are pretty and delicate and most importantly...delicious!

  30. The sour cherry florentine has my mouth salivating… maybe I should whip up a few for a special occasion!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  31. I've never actually heard of these but they look divine and I can imagine they must taste lovely as well.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  32. Mmmh ça a l'air bon!!


  33. Now my mounth waters because I love it to eat florentines! Your post only remembered me that I didn´t do that since a longer time - this is a fail and as such florentines are offered here in some of our Bavarian bakeries I will buy as soon as possible a florentine for me :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  34. I love them, too and yours look delicious! x

  35. Instant craving now, of course. Must buy some goodies later, don't have anything in the house.

  36. i have never had a florentine!! and now i'm looking up recipes :D
    xx Corinne

  37. I didn't know that there is such a thing as Florentine biscuits. They sure look heavenly. It is good to adapt from recipes and create your very own version. I like those with personal touches the best. I'm sure they are really moreish for they certainly look like it.

  38. Love chocolate Florentines...my mom makes them every year for Christmas. yum!

  39. Oh I love florentines! I used to work in a cafe that sold them and ate way too many! So delicious.

    Krissie x - http://pearlsofstyle.blogspot.com.au

  40. these sound just perfect for a night treat. or a morning one. basically any time ;)

  41. I haven't been on the blogsphere in like a month and I hoped against hope that you'd have some delicious food post up and you did NOT disappoint! My mouth is watering, my stomach is grumbling AND I'm googling Nude Espresso as we speak *-* These look scrumptious and perfect!


  42. They look like a delightful treat! I keep saying I am going to make them but have yet to. xoxo, B

  43. Thank you everyone for all these lovely comments. Much appreciated!


Thank you for taking the time to write a comment on my blog. I really do appreciate it. miss b

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