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Thursday, 6 February 2014

miss b loves ..........crodoughs and other hybrid cakes

Regular readers of this blog will already know that I have a sweet tooth! Cupcakes, macarons, pastries........I just can't resist sweet treats. Lately I have been reading about the 'cronut' (a cross between a croissant and a doughnut!) 

The 'cronut' was created in May 2013 by Dominique Ansel, the New York pastry chef who successfully trademarked the name in January this year. His recipe has inspired variations and last week, during our two day trip to London, I was determined to try one (or two!)......

Rinkoff's Crodough
Toffee Apple Crumble 

I was so curious and wondered what all the fuss was about and whether this was just another gimmick.....In the pouring rain we went in search of Rinkoff Bakery, a family business established in 1911 in Whitechapel. I'd heard that their interpretation, the Crodough was the one to try in London....
Jennifer Rinkoff tried the original cronut in New York and she was determined to create Rinkoff's own version....... 

Rinkoff's Crodough- Chocolate Fudge
 (Raspberry in the background)

It was so difficult to choose the best flavour so .....we bought all four! (No we didn't eat them all at once!)

Toffee Apple Crumble, Chocolate Fudge,
Raspberry, Custard

We managed to take some home .....two hours on the train but they travelled quite well.....a little squashed but does that really matter?

The Custard Crodough
filled with fresh custard and a layer on top!

All wonderful but if I had to choose a favourite it would be ......the toffee apple crumble.....filled with fresh apple and cinnamon, topped with crunchy crumble and drizzled with toffee! 

I can now tell you that I understand what all the fuss is about...lighter than a classic doughnut, they are absolutely delicious!!

The poster in the window claims
they're amazing and they are!

Bea's of Bloomsbury, a small independent bakery and café apparently started making the 'duffin' (yes it's a cross between a doughnut and muffin!) about two years ago. It was the customers who nicknamed it the duffin and Bea was surprised to discover that Starbucks had put duffins on their menu and ....their suppliers had trademarked it!

In a statement to the BBC Starbuck's said that since launching the duffin they had discovered that there were others in the UK and they weren't suggesting that Bea's should stop selling them!! Watch Bea in the video clip here 


On our second day in London, I decided to head over to Bea's (near St Paul's Cathedral)in search of the original duffin.... Sadly when I arrived at lunchtime they had sold out .... but it wasn't a wasted journey .... I tried their 'townie' a sweet melt-in-the mouth pastry case filled with brownie ...perfect with a cappuccino!

There seems to be a trend for hybrid cakes..... the 'brookie'(brownie and cookie (seen here on Martha Stewart's website )... dosant, crookie, muffle, macanut, .... whatever next? 

This may all sound very modern but using a portmanteau word to describe food is of course not new ...'brunch' appeared in Punch magazine way back in 1896!  

I suppose it doesn't really matter what a cake is called as long as it's tasty!

PS You can read about my very first visit to Bea's of Bloomsbury where I had a very modern afternoon tea, served on a rather quirky stand here

By the way, next time I'm in London I shall be at Bea's at the crack of dawn ... I'm not going to miss those duffins !


  1. All these pictures make me want to go and buy something sweet now. The names are very funny -dosant, haha. I have never had any of the described above, but surely I'd love to!

  2. Look delicious!


  3. Me too. I will visit Bea's of Bloomsbury and Rinkoff on my next visit to London. I haven't tried those Cronuts. Will try them soon. The Toffee Apple Crumble and Chocolate fudge looks delicious.

  4. I want to try this. This looks so yummy.

  5. Miss B, looking at the photos, I start to water!XD I have heard so much about the cronut and also the London version inspires me a lot, I think I would have picked soon the chocolate fudge. I have a sweet tooth too..now Im going to eat something sweet! xo

  6. I tried one of the Starbucks Duffins and I have to say I was seriously underwhelmed actually so I hope Bea's are going to be the top duffin for you when you get to sample. And I didn't know there were so many hybrid cakes - you learn a new thing everyday. Excuse me whilst I go in search of a cup of Earl Grey and a biscuit #hungry

    1. I'm sure Bea would be very pleased to hear that the Starbucks version didn't impress you. I'll just look forward to tasting Bea's duffin!

  7. I have yet to try duffins, cronuts and crodoughs! They look delicious but the trend has yet to reach Luxembourg.

  8. Oh MY!! These are so unique and look absolutely delicious. What a fun idea! Now I'm craving something sweet;)

  9. Oh.... ils ont tous l'air délicieux!!!
    J'en ai l'eau à la bouche!!!
    Dommage.... je n'en ai encore jamais vu en France, ni en Suisse!!!
    Belle fin de semaine

  10. Oh my . Too much food, it's making me have like 7 different cravings at once! And gosh, I must take a trip to take bakery in Whitechapel very soon! :)


  11. I have a very sweet tooth today and would love one of those cronuts right now:)

  12. This looks so tasty!

    Corinne x

  13. These look so delicious. They are so bad for me but I love donuts. I usually treat myself to one every couple weeks. I haven't tried a cronut but they look and sound so wonderful.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  14. Oh my. These look absolutely wonderful. I've just been sitting here thinking how I'd like a nice cup of tea and a pastry, and as if I needed more convincing, I came to this of all posts. Those Crodough looks like some of the most delicious and inventive I've ever seen, but I must admit I find thise fad quite funny - the grocery store my mom shopped at when I was growing up made croissants that they glazed like donuts, so these are something I've been eating almost all of my life!

  15. OMG !!! I am craving for hybrids now!!! Love your post.

  16. Mmmm... look very delicious! yummy!!

    Boulevard ACH

  17. I would have had all four. I could not be trusted. Mmmmmm.....

  18. I recently tried the original cronut and was quite impressed. Visually these look spot on and the flavors sure sound yummy. And you didn't even have to queue up for them :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  19. Wow, these are simply amazing miss b. I've not had these famous cronuts that I have heard so much of, but they do look incredibly delicious and so pretty! I reckon it beats the ol' biscuits any day! But, I do love a simple biscuit, haha! :) Happy weekend dear. xx/Madison

  20. My sweet tooth has suddenly taken over! These look divine!

  21. Oh yum! You've got me craving dessert now :)

  22. This was such a fun post, I love hearing about baking hybrids and trends. I read about the huge cronut fuss but didn't know what to make of it...after reading how delicious you say it is, its makes me eager to try one...if if ever makes it to SA. Hope you get to try the duffin soon. Yum photos! have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  23. Wow they look amazing! I love it when things get a little mixed up and better!
    Mary x

  24. oh wow, this looks so good, I am really hungry now!


  25. What a cool variety of cronuts! They haven't made their way to New Orleans yet, but when they do I can't wait to try. Rowena did in NYC and loved them. Thanks for sharing the one's you tried.

  26. I need to go get any type of dessert right now. OMG What a post! I have yet to try the famous cronut and not sure I am willing to stand in line for hours to get it Maybe they will invite me to the place to try one for my blog! Have a GREAT weekend my dear!!

  27. Oh yes, I love them too! Yum! Delish!

  28. Omg , they all look mouth watering! I will eat vicariously with my eyes through your blog since I cant have any as per my doctor's orders.

  29. The cronut looks amazing! I love doughnuts and croissants, so this is for me. The chocolate one and the custard would be my favorite. I haven't had a doughnut in such a long time, and I wish I had one of the cronuts to go with my tea right now. What a simply irresistible dessert. You are always trying so many delicious foods, my friend.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  30. Donuts are my fave sweet thing so I would be walking to Whitechapel too!

  31. I love donuts, so a lighter version with toppings sounds like heaven. Unfortunately, I live in the US, so I guess I'll have to travel to NY to get my fix.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  32. Such kind of cake aren´t offered here in Bavaria as fas as I know. What a pity, because they look really yummy! And to be honest I would like to eat some of them immediately because I just cooked our dinner, but unfortunately it wasn´t the best dinner I ever cooked ;)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  33. miam miam!
    bonjour monsieur sucre hihi


  34. That toffee apple Cronut looks so sinfully delicious!


  35. Fat, mais qu'est-ce que ça a l'air bon!


  36. Wow...they all look SO YUMMY! :) I wish they had 0 calories! LOL...Have a great week! XO

  37. my mouth watered after all this...yummy!! I have not tried any of these...Totally curious and the cronuts.....

  38. These look amazing.. I would need to workout a few extras hours {each day} but I'm sure they're worth it. Wishing you a lovely week! oxox, B

  39. I heard so much about the Cronut and I'm really eager to taste them, I will definitely not miss the chance to go to the Rinkoff bakery next time I'm in London:) The Duffin... hadn't heard of this one yet!! I wonder what the next foodie 'cross' invention will be!!

  40. I have yet to try one of these but I must! Yum!

  41. Oh I love that you are detailing all these London sweet spots as I hope to visit very soon! I still have not tried a cronut probably because I'm scared...I will like them too much!

    xo Mary Jo


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