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Thursday, 27 November 2014

miss b loves ...new openings in Dubai and a few favourite spots

Dubai is one of those places which is forever changing and developing and this for me is one of its attractions. Following on from our fascinating trip to Abu Dhabi last month, we spent a few days revisiting a few favourite spots and discovering new openings in Dubai....

Imagine my delight to find that Ladurée at The Beach had opened at last. 

With views from the terrace over Jumeirah Beach and the Arabian Gulf, this is a very special location. 

This giant deckchair is apparently the largest in the world but I believe the Guiness Book of World Records is in the process of verifying that!

It was disappointing to see that Godiva was still 'coming soon'. However, on our final day... the doors were open and as one of their first customers we were treated to a gift bag of complimentary salted caramel chocolates. We couldn't resist a mocha in their stylish café.....

 October is the perfect time to revisit the Creek and old Dubai as the temperatures late afternoon are perfect for strolling around. 

The traditional windtowers in the Al Fahidi Historical District look so attractive as the light begins to fade....

No visit to this area of Dubai would be complete without popping into XVA Art Café .....Delicious mezza platter .....moutabel, fattah hummus, tabouleh salad ....served with fresh pita bread. 

....mint lemonade and Rosa's date and dried apricot muffins, so popular that on previous visits they had sold out.

Such a pretty, tranquil courtyard setting ....

The next day we headed over to the brand new Eclair, a real find in the Jumeirah Lake Towers area. A tiny new p
âtisserie where French born pastry chef Bertrand Espouy creates exquisite éclairs with fillings bursting with intense flavours ....Amazing!

Rose and pistachio
Milk chocolate and passion fruit

Eclairs were invented in 1850 by Antonin Carême and originally called 'petite duchesse.' They were renamed éclairs from the French word meaning flash of lightning as they were so good that they were eaten quickly(in a flash!) Mine certainly disappeared quite rapidly!

We never tire of taking photos of the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest man-made structure, as it looks different depending on the time of day and the position of the sun.

The Dubai Fountain is another favourite too...

A five minute walk from the fountain and we were at La Serre which has already gained quite a reputation. I can see why....the best Caesar Salad with the most succulent chicken. Sitting outside on the terrace in the evening is such a treat too in October! 

Our final evening was spent at the newly opened Rhodes W1 restaurant. A bright airy restaurant, inspired by an English conservatory, with an eye-catching butterfly chandelier.

The menu focuses on Michelin starred chef Gary Rhodes' interpretation of British classics and nostalgic favourites such as prawn cocktail and jam roly-poly.... 'A modern take on wholesome British cuisine.'

After much deliberation, my final choice....

This was no ordinary shepherd's pie made with minced meat. Apparently the lamb shoulder is cooked for eight hours and the dish is served with home-made HP sauce.......perfect! 

For dessert, I couldn't resist the Eccles cakes with marmalade ice cream .....

These flaky pastry treats packed with succulent currants originate from Eccles, a town just forty minutes from our home in the UK!

There are many more new openings planned including the much awaited Opera district ......

.....and the brand new tram network which was being tested during our visit.

One of the iconic 'gold' metro stations with
 the tram station in the foreground (under construction)

Nothing stands still in Dubai!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

*To read about our previous visits to Dubai click here


  1. Now I am really hungry! So many great places I just love blogs like yours that take me all over the world! Thank you so much! Have a great day !

  2. I agree that Dubai certainly seems to be a place of constant change and rejuvination. I'm glad you managed to visit Godiva as it opened and as usual, you've visited and seen some incredible and unusual places/things whilst visiting! The giant deckchair is such a fun idea! :)



  3. Good evening Miss B! Everytime I see Dubai now I think of you and for sure if ever happens to visit the city, I have ask you some tips. Btw, I remember from your previous post the Laduree was opening at The Beach, glad you could tried it, as well as the Godiva, you have been lucky!:) Oh my, that deckchair is impressive, feeling in awe! Im curious also about the Eclair patisserie, I would have taken rose and pistachio too since love pistachio :P I see there are new openings soon, Dubai is really a city in a continuous developing. Happy Thanksgiving Miss B! Also, have a lovely evening and weekend ahead, hugs! xo

  4. I have never been there but it looks like a place that I would like to visit one day! It looks like it has so many things to see! That large deck chair is just so cool! Awesome that you got to enjoy the opening of the Godiva store!


  5. I would like to try the Shepard's Pie. Looks so delicious. The eclair and Macarons look so delicious. Dubai is really a Global City now.

  6. The eclairs look amazing; I have never seen any like that! You're so lucky to lead this life of travel and great food.

  7. You just teleported me to Dubai! It looks amazing, I should visit it soon as there are some low-cost tickets from my country! All the food looks absolutely delicious. I love Ceasar salad and recently I tried humus and I loved it! Who would resit French macaroons? Burj Khalifa looks SPECTACULAR!

  8. Another amazing post for Dubai !!! With so beautiful colors and exotic flavors and aromas !!! Surely a great travel destination !!! Many greetings from Greece!!!

  9. A chaque fois tu nous amène à l'autre bout du monde et ça fait du bien! C'est incroyable ces buildings ! J'aurais aimé gouter le mezzo du Art Café et le chocolat Godiva, c'est un de mes préfères ! Quand j'habité à Madrid il y'en avait une boutique et j'allais de temps en temps ! Belles photos! Je te souhaite un superbe weekend !

  10. Wow the five minute walk from the fountain seems to have been worth every second. I love currants, so my foodie eyes were very happy to see that with puff pastry! lol. I've not ever had an eclair, but those are the most artful looking ones that I have seen. How beautiful Thanks for always sharing your ventures with us, so colourfully! :)Happy weekend! x/Madison

  11. New openings definitely keep a city energized and exciting. There certainly looks to be no shortage of wonderful attractions and restaurants to keep one entertained and well fed. That shepherd's pie sounds absolutely divine! Happy weekend sweet lady!

  12. Love Laduree! What great images!! xo K

  13. This huge deck chair is simply amazing! And I can imagine that especially the Old Dubai is exciting to explore. Looks and sounds like you ate delicious things and although I just had dinner now my month is watering :) Happy weekend!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


  14. Oh my goodness, I'm salivating. I believe you are what they call a foodie, like me. How funny you mentioned about hummus, I'd have love to have tried this version. Godiva and Laduree aaaaah, you're killing me over here. I've only recently developed a liking for macarons. You were lucky to catch the opening of Godiva. Lamb shoulder cooked for 8 hours - that must have just fell apart in your mouth. If I go to Dubai any time soon, I know exactly where to go for tourist info!

  15. Holy heck - that deckchair!!! only in Dubai, eh?

  16. I've never been there but I would!
    do we follow each other?
    let me know and I'll follow you back
    new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es

  17. Dear Miss B,

    How wonderful your photos of Dubai are. All the food looks delicious, and how lucky that you got to eat at Laduree. We dined at Laduree in Paris and had the most amazing lunch there.
    love the big deck chair.
    Hope you have a happy weekend

  18. OMG, I love Godiva! Those eclairs are so colourful & look real appetizing!
    Happy weekend, dear! xoxo
    Luxury Haven

  19. Miss B, this is one AMAZING PLACE that I really need to see one day! From the food (MY GOODNESS, does this fare look awesome) to the old customs and new skyscapers, this is a must-see destination. Godiva salted caramels? That has to be one of the greatest wonders of the food world!

    Thank you so much for coming to visit my post. My memories of family holiday times are so priceless. Happy weekend! Anita

  20. oh wow, that butterfly chandelier took my breath away! they have a lovely beach. it is gorgeous. and with laduree there, it just makes it that much sweeter.

  21. It must be so interesting to go there and wow Laduree is seriously the best ever.

  22. that deck chair sounds so cool!

  23. So beautiful. Hope you had a great weekend!

  24. Hi Miss B, What a fabulous place to visit and your photos are amazing. The food looks incredible and the buildings and places of interest are really something. I can see you had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing the info along with your photos. You are very talented with your camera my friend.
    Happy December.

  25. Hello dear mis B.,
    Tgankyou for your kind visit by me again:)
    I know,my next dream vacation destination should be Dubai....

    Hugs and happy December to hou,

  26. nice photos, cool article!


  27. Ohhh eclairs. I love living vicariously through your posts and photos!! x E

    Elizabeth Victoria Clark

  28. Another fabulous post Godiva is always a good idea I am really quite hungry now after reading this post!

  29. Wow, that deck chair is awesome! The food here looks so delicious. I can just taste that date and dried apricot muffin. And that mocha with Godiva chocolate, oh my! The fountain picture is beautiful with the water glistening at night. The beach's sand is so white and pretty. This looks like a fantastic place to visit, Miss b.

    It's December! Enjoy this Christmas season, my friend.


  30. This was an awesome post. I really enjoyed seeing photos of the old. You never get to see those parts of Dubai - not in the usual tourist travel ones, it's always sky-high towers and chrome and glass. Thanks!


    1. Thank you. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the post. There is much more to Dubai than skyscrapers and shopping malls. Having said, that I like modern architecture and I'm fascinated by the imaginative designs.

  31. How wonderful! What an unforgettable trip! x

  32. là rien qu'avec les macarons tu me donnes envie d'y aller ahah


  33. It seems like such a wonderfully, diverse place! It's definitely on my must-visit list :)

  34. I am waiting for dinner to cook.....that Shepherd's pie looks amazing! Hope you are getting sorted for Christmas:)

  35. I was impressed by the huge Laduree at the beach. Looking forward to try the tram. It has always been a dream to try Gary Rhodes here.

  36. Very nice to see the pics and read this post, it's like being in another world for short a while. I wish I could travel to the middle east, scenario of so many books... maybe one day...

  37. Hello miss b! Got back from Dubai/Sharjah on Saturday. Will be posting soon. I think of you whenever I'm there. Strange. But it's just that I know that you're one of those people who'd always appreciate Dubai :D I have failed to take some photos of this place where I had farewell dinner with friends based there. If you've not been there, please pop in to the Boardwalk Dubai Creek inside Park Hyatt Hotel. Beautiful view at night. Great food. It's very near Deira City Centre. I'll be sharing my last trip as soon as I have the time. Was at The Beach by the way, on the day I flew back here. Hope you're having a good week.

    1. Nice of you think of me! We have been to the Park Hyatt several times but not the Boardwalk (even though it has been recommended by friends) We have often considered going there but we thought it would be too hot to sit outside. Next time we are there in the cooler months we shall hopefully try it!

  38. Oh! I love that huge beach chair!! Dubai is a place that definitely makes a STATEMENT, right?! ;) I'm not surprised to see those delicious macaroons .. perfect place for them. Happy Monday and I hope you are enjoying the season! xxleslie

  39. Hello my dear, thank you for stopping by today. I was wondering where you've been. It's raining pretty hard here lately, but loving it very much.

    Have a wonderful week, and I hope you are having a nice time during this beautiful Christmas season.


  40. Laduree at the beach? What a different setting in which to experience tea and macarons - but a truly magical one, too! I'm always envious of your travels to Dubai, Miss B. I'm going to get there one day!

  41. oh lala cette petite patisserie rose pistache a retenu toute mon attention)


  42. Thank you for your comments. As soon as a post is published I start to look forward to reading what everyone has to say! Always a pleasure to have such positive feedback!

  43. Love this post as it has been 8 years since I left Dubai, it really is a city that never stands still :-) Thanks for bringing me up to date on the latest changes.

    très bonne année 2015, Leeann x


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