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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

miss b loves .........an impromptu long weekend in Munich.

Sometimes the impromptu weekends away are even more enjoyable than those which have been planned for months in advance! A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend three days in Munich, a city we have visited before but not during the winter months. It was such a treat seeing it all dressed up and ready for Christmas! 

The enormous Christmas tree in front of the Rathaus(Town Hall) was just about ready for its lights to be switched on!

......and we had arrived just in time to watch again the famous Glockenspiel Clock. As it chimes, tiny figurines re-enact two folklore stories from the sixteenth century .......  

Our next stop was the Pinakotheka der Moderne which focuses on art and design from the 20th and 21st century including Dali, Picasso and Andy Warhol......

and iconic pieces of furniture .....

Eames Rocking Armchair
Jacobsen's Egg Chair
Panton's Cone

What a surprise too! On Sundays, entrance to the main museums is just one euro (about 85 pence!) 

Munich is such a walkeable city, so quiet and calm too and there appears to be more bicycles than cars!

I had to remember not to walk in the bicycle lane on the pavement!

Around every corner there are attractive buildings ...and colourful fruit stalls ..... 

 ....and this has to be the prettiest façade of any department store I've ever seen!

We headed to a traditional German restaurant for a warming dish of Bavarian Grösti ...organic pork, potatoes and bread dumplings in a rich gravy..... 

Day 2 .....a visit to the amazing Munich Residenz, the former royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs......

What a spectacular place, worthy of its own post sometime!

Of course there was coffee and cake and no trip to Munich would be complete without apple strudel with creamy vanilla sauce.

The window display at Maelu is always eye-catching too.....

After a quick coffee break, time to walk through the Hofgarten, a beautifully maintained garden built in 1613-1617 as an Italian style Renaissance garden by Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria. 

Facing the Hofgarten is the State Chancellory which is housed in the former Army Museum ...... 

It was so cold in Munich but everyone was wrapped up well including a very stylish lady and her equally chic dog ....both in their faux fur coats! She very kindly let me take a photo ....

Next time .......getting into the festive spirit in Munich.

Click here and here to read about our previous trips to Munich.... including all the main attractions .... with blue skies!!


  1. Looks like a lovely place to visit, not one that would be high on my agenda but as always, your posts change that. Glad you had a lovely time x

  2. It looks lovely...and Christmas-y cold!

  3. Beautiful pics, darling!
    Love the architecture and the chairs!


  4. It sounds like a lovely city to visit! That apple strudel looks so delicious:) Lovely photos as always!

  5. Good evening Miss B! Oh so here you were! You have to know that I love this city from when I was a child, it reminds me when I visited that area during the summertime. As you, I never went there in winter though, must be so magical with all the Xmas decorations and lights. Btw, the Glockenspier is so impressive, as well as the royal palace. The apple strudel looks delectable, is my fav dessert without any doubt in winter!:) Many kisses and have a lovely week Miss B! xo

  6. Munich sure seems like a lovely destination for an impromptu weekend away. and it's always fun to see how different cities get into the holiday spirit. The Munich Residenz looks spectacular!

  7. Oh my gosh, the small dog in the Prada bag makes for the perfect pictured - I'm so glad she let you snap the scene! :) I haven't visited Munich in a good few years now, but I have fond memories of the place, so thank you for bringing them back to life! :)



  8. You are so lucky. It would be magical to visit Munich during this Christmas time despite the cold. I hope you visited the Christmas market too?

  9. C'est magique toutes ses lumières de Noël! Tu as la chance de voyager autant ! Tu as raison le weekend improvisé, de fois c'est beaucoup mieux que quand on l'organise en avant. J'hâte de voir la suite de ton voyage ;)

  10. I love Munich and even though I have only been there once, I recognize most of the places! I went to the same museum (Pinakothek) when I was there. This post reminds me that I need to go back there one of these days.

  11. They were just setting up the stalls at the Christmas market so I did manage to see some of it. I'd like to return next year nearer to Christmas when everything would be fully open!

  12. oh what a treat to see this beautiful city this time of year, I can almost smell the apple strudel and coffee... lovely post.

  13. What a fabulous weekend Miss B! Their architecture is absolutely gorgeous. The inside of that palace was spectacular. Love the ceilings. That strudel looked delicious. You go to the best places. Love what that woman was wearing and her dog is just too cute.

  14. Impromptu travels are the best. Architecture is beautiful and looks lovely in this season.

  15. Munich looks like a lovely city! I agree that impromptu trips sometimes turn out to be better than planned trips. Love the architecture and I am sure the spirit in town is great around Christmas! How sweet the lady let you take a photo of her dog! Those sweets look really tempting, mmm! But to be honest, I'd be curious to try the beer. Nice photos, thanks for the virtual tour! :)

  16. There are so many things I love about blogging - these past seven years (in January) I have been able to travel the world at my own speed, here at home. Going to places I'll never see has opened my friendship with people I'd never think would be in my life and to see the celebration of an important event done up in colors, in various ways is touching. Thank you miss b. for this lovely share, and for coming to visit! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Anita

  17. Hi Miss B, What a fabulous impromptu trip. They are the best kind and from your pics, looks like you had a wonderful time. Every detail in this fabulous city is beautiful. Love the little dog in the purse. So sweet.
    Thank you for sharing your adventure. Also for stopping by and your kind visit.
    Wishing you a wonderful week up to Christmas.
    Be Blessed my friend, XO

  18. Oh my goodness you had me with that gorgeous wreath and that fabulous tree! What a festive place to be this time of year. Next time I am hiding in your suitcase!!

  19. Nothing like an impromptu weekend in Munich!! :) Such a beautiful spot! As always, thanks for taking us along. Hope you are having a nice day and enjoying the season! xxleslie

  20. Lovely captures miss b. I know Munich very well, as my nan is from there. So much nature and beauty there always. i love that last shot, haha. Sounds like a great weekend getaway. :)
    Detox Days

  21. These pictures are beautifull!
    Have a nice day!


  22. What fun to take a spontaneous trip! Did you go to any Christmas markets? Thanks for sharing your adventures with us! xoxo

    1. I did see part of the Christmas market but they were still setting up some of the stalls. I think I would like to return next year to see more.

  23. Best kinds of weekends and get aways! Everything looks amazing! x

  24. This looks really lovely You are so lucky to be close to so many wonderful cities! The architecture is really just fabulous! Thank you for the great tour as always!!


  25. Utterly magical! Thanks for sharing this!

  26. Sympa cette petite escapade ! Je ne connais pas du tout Munich ni même l'Allemagne d'ailleurs.

  27. It looks so beautiful. I would love to take a spontaneous trip somewhere.

  28. I've never been to Munich, in fact never been to Germany but I've been encouraged to visit on more than one occasion and this post has reinforced this even more. I love beautiful architecture; there's not much of it in Birmingham so it's always something I appreciate when I visit other cities. I can imagine it must have looked stunning at this time of year - some of the major department stores here are looking lovely.Oooh the food definitely looks yummy, as always. Have a good weekend and happy Christmas to you. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog.

  29. Oh, how cool is this please? You visited the capital of Bavaria, we live really near to our beautiful Munich :) And our daughter (she works as a nurse) lives on your workdays also in Munich she is coming to us only on her days off. Looks like you visited many of the wonderful place Munich has, obviously it rained, what I think was a bit pity. Thanks for sharing this pictures, I must show them immediately my husband because he was today in Munich (I had to work) and visited some of the places you show here.

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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    1. You are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of Germany and so close to such an interesting and attractive city.

  30. It's a busy time of year and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thank you!

  31. Catching up on my blog reading miss b! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year! I'd love to see Munich in winter. Same here, I always had to remind myself not to walk on the bicycle lane when I was there. The Hofgarten is one tourist spot I didn't get to see. There's always a next time though. That's one massive Christmas tree at the Rathaus! Have the loveliest week :)


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