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Thursday, 8 August 2013

miss b loves ........a little corner of Arabia in the North of England!

When we brought back this Arabic lamp from Dubai, I immediatly thought about creating a little Arabic-inspired area on our patio.....

We bought the lantern from one of my favourite interiors stores, Marina Home and I spotted the votives in our local Tesco Homeplus which surprises everyone as they assume they're from Dubai too!

Cushions from the textile souk in Dubai - I just couldn't resist the camel! 

The orange cushion on the left with the pretty embroidery and tiny mirrors caught my eye too....

...and these colourful coasters from the souk too......

More purple and orange in the garden ........

We've had more impromptu barbecues in the last two weeks than in the last two years!

Chicken Tikka Skewers are always a favourite .... recipe here

We even had breakfast outdoors .......now that really is a treat in this part of the world!

The sun has continued to shine well into the evening at the top of the garden ......a more minimalist look here.......

A good spot to enjoy a G&T made with Bombay Sapphire East .....a variation of the regular Bombay Sapphire Gin ... a bit more exotic as it's infused with Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese black peppercorns in addition to the original ten botanicals ......... 

The lantern and votives were birthday gifts from friends.

Finally, after a few wet summers, we are able to enjoy a real summer with clear blue skies and amazing temperatures for the North of England ........sunloungers, flip flops.... it's almost like being on holiday! 

I'm not a beer drinker but we've just discovered Tequieros, a blond beer with a hint of Tequila and lime, made in France - so refreshing in the heat and I actually enjoyed it! 

Sadly, while writing this post, the lovely weather has taken a turn for the worse and the rain is here ........ let's hope the sunshine returns soon!

Next post... Vietnam, The Metropole Hanoi - our special hotel with a very interesting past! 


  1. Aahh...beautiful corner of the garden miss b :D I grew up in a house with Arabian/Egyptian touches here and there, so I'm very attracted to this. Have to check out those coasters the next time I'm in Dubai. I got a handpainted bowl which I now use as a change 'tray' placed on the hallway sideboard. Your photos seem to make you look like you're indeed on holiday somwhere hot and exotic! Have a lovely day x

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. Lovely! So nice to see this! And I can comfort you with that we also have rain here today in Sweden...
    xo Caroline

  4. Quelle harmonie.... tout est ravissant et va très bien ensemble.... C'est tellement agréable de pouvoir déguster un verre dans un coin bien aménagé... Bravo!!!
    Belle fin de semaine!!!

  5. Oh, here I was, blithely reading along, enjoying your lovely terrace and wishing... oh lots of things. For better patio furniture, no mosquitoes, slightly cooler summers and then I got to BOMBAY SAPPHIRE EAST. Totally stopped me in my tracks and that's now moved to the top of my list. Need to see if we can get it in the US.

    1. Updated to add: We CAN get Bombay Sapphire East and now I have some! Can't wait to try it tonight! G&Ts for everyone! ;)

    2. That was quick!! So glad you managed to find it. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

  6. Looks great! Love your pictures! Greetings fromm Zürich

  7. You have such a pretty garden, I can see why you would want to decorate it with memoirs of your travels and take advantage of spending your time out there when the weather is right.

    You are so right, sometimes I will go to someone's house and they will have an ornament or piece of decor that looks so original and unique and when I ask them where they get it from they say Asda or Home Bargains ha ha!

    Roll on next bout of summer sun hey...

  8. Such a lovely idea! The Arabian style deco looks SO pretty in your garden. Also, Bombay Sapphire gets a big thumbs up, I'm a gin gal all the way.

    Helen at http://uhhelsyeah.bogspot.co.uk xx

  9. OMG love love love That lantern is FAB !! What great items and so much fun. I think color in our life makes us happy! Have a GREAT day my dear!!


  10. Ah, these lamps and Arabian style decorations remind me of when I lived in Spain and used to hang out in "teterías"- teahouses, writing my books and listening to old classic songs like "Aisha". :-)

  11. Miss B, congrats your got a beautiful garden! Wish I was there outside and enjoy some chilly air!:) The Arabic spot is very nice, looks very cosy, I can imagine how nice must be making breakfast out there:) Hope the sun will shine again soon from you! Kisses dear! xo

  12. You created a lovely and chic garden. Very comfortable patio chairs and good thing you added those Arabian lights. Must be so romantic effect when you light the candles at night, weather permitting. I also enjoy outdoor barbecues. It's the best thing to do during summer, enjoy the rest of summer!

  13. Your garden looks amazing!I love the rattan chairs and cushions:)

  14. WHOA. Those outdoor chairs (the circular ones) are AMAZING. What a gorgeous space you have created xo

  15. There are so many nice stuff in Marina Home. A visit to their factory outlet /warehouse in Al Quoz is always fun. You've got a gorgeous and tranquil garden. I love the Arabic touch of the lantern and votives.

  16. Wow, this lamp is gorgeous and this corner has a lovely oriental vibe! When I travelled to Morrocco with my husband, we also bought a lamp, and of course, a carpet, red, oriental one and those items make our flat looks warmer and cosier!

  17. Your garden is fabulous Miss B.!! I see why you have been spending plenty of time there. Your "souvenirs" from Dubai look splendid. I also like how you arranged cozy little spot throughout the garden. Haute!!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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    I entered a style contest: please click HERE and give me a LIKE if you like :-)

  18. Such a beautiful cozy place! ideal to spend summer evenings;)




  19. Loving your patio space! Gorgeous. :)


  20. What a lovely space to remind you of your travels! Enjoy! xoxo

  21. beautiful!
    love what you did with this space!!
    come say hello-

  22. such a gorgeous lamp. i love what you did with the space, i would probably never leave :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  23. I love the lamp and the orange and purple theme works so well. The seats and table are so cute I can imagine you sitting there with your Bombay gin. I hope the sun lasts a little longer

  24. I love your Arabic style corner. The souks in Dubai have so many amazing things!

  25. Bombay Sapphire is my gin of choice but I didn't know about the Bombay Sapphire East. I don't think I dare buy a bottle - in fear of not liking it and thinking and there goes a bottle of gin! BTW, I don't actually drink much although it sounds like I'm a bit of a lush.

    Please can you come and tend to my garden.

  26. Your garden looks wonderful especially as it seems to be well used! Wishing you blue skies and warm sunshine:)

  27. I love everything about your patio area. I can really relate to this style. Purple and orange is a great color combination, and that lantern is so unique. I love it! Your garden looks very lovely with the orange flowers. I smiled when I saw the camel pillow. My mom rode a camel when she visited Egypt, and she had the most wonderful time. Love all the photos, and this is one of my favorite posts of all.


  28. Miss B, we often complain of the Summer heat & sun here in New Orleans, but until I started blogging I didn't realize how cold, wet & windy it stayed in Great Britain. I knew of it, but I didn't know the reality of it. So sunshine is definitely a true treasure for you guys. I hope the rain stops soon. I love your patio!!! The decor is gorgeous! It's nice to have things brought in from traveling. It has a special meaning. A special thought. That lantern is absolutely gorgeous and the votives match it perfectly! I love that camel pillow and the bbq looks divine. Thanks for sharing. It's truly lovely! Looking forward to your next post doll.

  29. Great garden set up! love the orange and purple. You've created a really lovely space.

  30. Well done! I definitely love the inspiration and beautiful colours in the patio decor. What a charming garden as well. Hope you enjoy your weekend. xx /Madison

  31. Lovely outdoor decor... yummy grill pictures!


  32. Wonderful setting! And what a great find from Tesco - they really do look very similar to the lamp and pretty authentic. x

  33. What a lovely spot to soak in the sun you've made! I hope it shines for you this weekend :)

  34. BOMBAY is my husbands personal favorite! I'm sure you are an amazing cook (and bar tender!) given all the traveling you've done. Your lamp is beautiful and what a great idea to set up an inspirational vignette of treasures from your travels! What a conversation piece when guests come over!

  35. Your garden is gorgeous - you've created a fabulous little Arabian oasis. It's true once you're garden is lovely you use it more for BBQ, breakfast, entertaining. And what a great find from Tesco - they do like like they're straight out of a souk!

  36. Beautiful décor photos and the BBQ looks delicious! Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    xoxo, B

  37. Thumbs up for this. Great decoration idea. Already feeling the asian vibes!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  38. Hello Lovely Miss B! I absolutely love your 'holiday escape' furniture pieces-you are putting together a stylish lounge area complete with the perfect summer refreshments I see. I also wanted to thank you for your heartfelt and kind comments on Stylemindchic. I appreciate being able to share the not so sunny side of life at times and was overwhelmed at the support and love from my blog friends.
    Happy Weekend dear,
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  39. I love the whole set-up! the lantern, the pillows and the fabulous outdoor furniture...the perfect spot for reading and drinking wine!

  40. I truly enjoyed this post! Amazing these pieces you have collected, adore the lantern. Those skewers looked divine!
    Hope the sunshine made its way back.



  41. Oh I love love love it! And we have been so lucky with the weather lately! You have created such a beautiful spot!

  42. Hi sweety, this looks like a scene out of an Arabian garden, so beautifully designed and the inspiration is perfectly played out with the great decor accessories and throw pillows. Looks so exotic! P.S You're so lucky to have Coast so near to you, think I would be there every week ! Thanks for your kind visit, wish you well for the rest of the week!

  43. AMAZING outdoor furniture:) love this post.

    Check out my new post..modern Swedish living:)

    and have a great week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  44. That Arabic lamp is beautiful and makes the perfect accent in that inviting patio area you've created. Those chairs look so comfy!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  45. I love the gorgeous new area, I would spend every eating occasion out there, its so beautiful. The food looks amazing, love it, hope the sun comes back soon.

  46. Oh girl....!:)))
    How absolutely fantastic is you post!!!
    You describe all things so good.... I got feeling like I look all these little treasures together with you:)))
    Love colourful way you used here!!!
    Thank you miss B for you lovely visit and for always kind comments,

    Sending to you my summer hugs,


  47. I love the Morroccon inspired decor!!


  48. love it!


  49. Thanks for sharing your fashion opinions with me :)

  50. Miss B, your garden is so lovely and good to hear that the weather was nicer to you this summer. I also love decorating home with holiday souvenirs : )

  51. love the ethnic pillows!


  52. What a pretty corner for some relax time!

  53. I love the way you turn your garden into a place with oriental touch! You're such a creative person!

    Sun and Sand

  54. Thanks everyone for all these kind comments. Glad you liked our little Arabic-inspired corner! We have had to bring in the cushions until the rain clears but I'm sure there is more sun on its way!

  55. Oh wow they are stunning and great idea greating your own Arabia.


  56. Miss b, Adore your pretty spot. Love the pillows and the coasters. Not only are they gorgeous, you will also think of your trip each time you use them! That little set is just perfect for a cocktail or alfresco breakfast! Your yard looks so lovely. Glad you are getting some fun weather and enjoying BBQs!

    Happy Saturday! xxKim

  57. Miss b, just printed that recipe you shared with us. Seattle, like your corner of the UK, has been experiencing a long, hot, dry summer. We, too, have used our barbecue every day. I can tell from your choice of accessories and colors that you and I would get along famously :-) I have a bright orange French Fermob table and chairs where we eat daily. :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


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