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Thursday, 15 August 2013

miss b loves ......the Metropole Hotel Hanoi, Vietnam


One of the highlights of our recent visit to Vietnam was The Metropole Hanoi, a very special hotel with a rich and fascinating history. It opened in 1901 as the Grand Hotel Metropole Hanoi and was built in the French colonial style with a striking white façade and green shutters.  

No wonder it's such a popular spot for brides to pose for photos! 

Its pretty, lush gardens are a tranquil oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city....

Located in Hanoi's French Quarter, near to the Opera House, this legendary hotel has welcomed many entertainers, writers and Heads of State and during the seventies several Embassies including the Australian and Italian Embassies were based there.

There are legendary suites named after three particularly famous guests ... Charlie Chaplin who spent his honeymoon at the Metropole in 1936, the writer Somerset Maugham and Graham Greene who wrote part of 'The Quiet American' during his stay in 1951. 

The staff, known as Ambassadors, are special too. Professional, knowledgeable yet warm and genuine...... 

Hai was happy to pose
for a photo.

Hai was particularly helpful and recommended a number of places in the city which we should visit. When I asked her if there was a legendary suite which we might be able to have a look at sometime, she immediately went to find a key to an unoccupied one .......Graham Greene's .......

... and as she showed us around we also learnt so much from her about Vietnam in general, its culture and traditions.  

The staff also organise history tours of the hotel, for hotel guests only, beginning in the long corridor where huge boards also illustrate the fascinating story. Our guide told us many interesting facts about the history of Hanoi and Vietnam too ...

During the Vietnam War, the hotel was host to many anti-war celebrities including Jane Fonda and Joan Baez. Last year while renovating the Bamboo Bar, the hotel bunker which protected hotel staff and guests during air raids, was discovered by chance. It was here that Joan Baez part-recorded her anti-war protest song 'Where are you now my son?' Our tour ended with an opportunity to go down into the bunker...

A poignant message at the entrance to the shelter....

Joan Baez returned to the hotel in April this year and painted this beautiful picture during her stay ......

 ...... and it now has pride of place in the lobby ......

The attention to detail throughout the hotel is impressive ......an abundance of beautiful flower arrangements and the scent of lemongrass permeates the hotel....

Our room was immaculate, elegant, with dark wood floors and lovely touches such as daily macarons, Lanvin toiletries and two types of bathrobe!!

The food deserves a mention too...... Breakfast included a huge selection of Western and Asian dishes. This being a Sofitel managed hotel, the French bread, croissants and pastries were of course perfectly baked and with so many exotic fruits on offer too .....there's no better start to the day ........

Spices Restaurant serves not only delicious Vietnamese food but it's all beautifully presented on pretty china and wooden trays and accompanied by traditional music too...... 

Even though I have lived in France, the croque-monsieur(served with real French frites) in Le Club was the tastiest one ever and our cocktails in the renowned Bamboo Bar were excellent too!

There are other dining options .... Le Beaulieu for French cuisine and Angelina's Italian restaurant, apparently named after Angelina Jolie after one of her stays. La Terrasse has been modelled on a traditional Parisian pavement café.......

I can highly recommend this wonderful hotel.... its legendary reputation is certainly well-deserved!

If you missed my posts about our trip to Hanoi you can read about it here and here


  1. I stayed there one night but the green suite was taken o I didn't see it! Lucky you. I loved that hotel. It was a living museum and I loved the bar as well. I miss Hanoi and think it a much underrated city!

  2. What a lovely spot! The breakfast spread looks amazing too!

  3. Hi! It was a pleasure for me to read this post! I find your blog pretty interesting, so I'm your new follower!

    Also, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog!


    Sun and Sand

  4. It looks fabulous and great choices for breakfast:)

  5. I love a gorgeous hotel and this one ranks right up there. What a fascinating glimpse of culture and the rich history of the area. Those flowers are stunning! You had me at 'two kinds of robes....' swoon!
    Lovely post!
    xx, Heather @Stylemindchic

  6. Miss B, the reputation of this hotel is amazing and you did the perfect choice. It is now onto my wishlist as place where staying. The gardens look fantastic, I bet there must be a silence and a peace over there! Also the stuff seems very nice and kind, how sweet of Hai to pose for the pic and do a guide for you, the suits is awesome!:) Visiting the shelter must have been really interesting. Im just drooling over the breakfast as well!:) Thanks for the tour, you made me dream. Kisses dear! xo

  7. It looks like a classic grand hotel! I hope to get to Vietnam some day. Thanks for sharing!

  8. You know I would never have thought about visiting a city like this, but you and Naomi from Coulda Woulda Shoulda have really swayed me. It does look beautiful with so much history and gorgeous architecture. You were very lucky to see such a beautiful place whilst staying somewhere equally as beautiful.

    I don't experiment much with foreign cuisine, so this would be interesting for me, although I'm a big breakfast person, so I'd definitely look forward to this meal by the sounds of things!!


  9. The Metropole Hotel in Vietnam is such a lovely one. The gardens have beautiful and peaceful surroundings. I love those stairs! The food looks delicious. My favorite was the painting by Joan Baez. That was so sweet.

    It's interesting to hear that this hotel goes way back to 1901. Thank you for the tour, my friend.


  10. I love historic hotels..renovated ... I hope to visit someday soon. Great post!

  11. It looks like it s from another era. I love the style and architecture.

  12. It is huge Miss B! I love the marble, staircases, gardens and flowers. Truly exquisite. I can't get over the history! Wow! I didn't know that Jane Fonda and Joan Baez stayed there. That is awesome. Love the painting Joan Baez did. Great post.

  13. The hotel looks amazing! I would consider staying there for sure.

  14. Beautiful people, beautiful place:) Gorgeous hotel! Such attention to detail and the food you feature always makes me hungry! Vietnam has so much history and it seems to be becoming a really popular vacation destination.


  15. love the exterior, the gardens, the flowers at your breakfast and the wallpaper in your room! seems like every detail is thought out and beautifully executed :)

  16. Oh Miss B this hotel is a precious piece of history! I'm fascinated by its French-style facade and from the amenities that the hotel offers to its guests. Above all I'm taken aback by imagining it as a place where pacifists stayed during the war and artists worked. That painting is magnificent. Thank you for the exclusive review and for sharing all the pictures.
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  17. Must ask my sister about his one, she lived there for a couple of years, the staircase is wonderful

  18. This was one of my favourite bits about Hanoi, and what a stunnign hotel indeed. I love the beautiful china and can see why you enjoyed yourself so much. Wonderful post as usual dear. Happy weekend. /Madison xx

  19. Great post Miss B. Apart from its beautiful interior and landscape, it' nice to stay in a lovely hotel with rich history.

  20. lovely pics http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/2013/08/diy-flower-vases.html

  21. We didn't get to stay at the Metropole, it was fully booked when we went to Vietnam 8 years ago... we stayed at the Hilton Opera, which was lovely, but I so wish we were able to stay at the legendary Metropole. Lucky you! I really enjoyed the tourxx

  22. Wow speak about a beautiful hotel, the garden is gorgeous and so are the bedrooms. Beautiful pictures.

  23. OMG! This is such a great post! Beeing in Hanoi and visiting such a vibrant and amazing place... I must admit that I envy you for beeing able to go to Vietnam... Ilina

  24. What an incredible hotel! I'm so glad you took us on a tour of it, Miss B - it clearly has a fascinating history in addition to being beautiful. Every time I visit your blog, my desire to travel to Vietnam increases :)

  25. looks quite lovely...thank you for this little tour as I do not think I will ever get here in person. those steps are gorgeous but look a bit dangerous to me! Have a most lovely weekend, my dear!!


  26. Now I know where I want to stay if I am ever lucky enough to visit Hanoi. The hotel has such a wonderful vintage charm about it. Thanks for your comment doll, have a splendid weekend!

  27. The "Forgive. Remember. Forever" sign is so poignant and touching. I'd love to travel to Vietnam one day, and this hotel just jumped to the top of my 'must-stay' list. My fiancé recently traveled to a Sofitel for a work trip and he brought back their amazing Lanvin toiletries. I'm hooked! And any place that cooks up a good croque monsieuer? I'm powerless to resist. xo

  28. Hi! I didn't know about your blog and i love it! would you like to follow eachtoher? I'm following you! :)


  29. Such a lovely place...I would pose for pictures there too!


  30. Beautiful ! I was especially impressed by the extraordinary set of stairs as delicate as lace and the painting in the lobby. Joan Baez is certainly a very talented lady !

  31. It's beautiful, the perfect backdrop for any photo!


  32. Great Pictures, the hotel must be a very nice place


  33. beautiful place!
    flowers look amazing!
    great pics too;)
    kisses x

  34. I love this, so romantic! I would love to visit. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Mary Jo

  35. What a lovely introduction to this grand hotel... I have never been to Hanoi and am now sorely tempted! The decor looks comfortable and the attention to detail is evident. The sighting of the papaya on the breakfast buffet is enough to get on to my booking! xx

  36. What an aristocratic building. Amazing hotel. Looks like you have travel through time, cause this place does not follow the rules of our modern world. Superb.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  37. Beautiful, also so good to read the staff was so friendly. And the garden looks very lush! i love quiet spots in a busy city.

  38. WHat a beautiful hotel! Love the picture of the stairs :D


  39. Hi miss B.

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Such an interesting country you visit.

    The hotel looks beautiful! It's the sort of place I like to stay as well: full of history.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  40. That hotel is simply stunning, I can't stop looking at the photos of the gardens and the flower arrangements. I love that the hotel gives a history tour. If I ever visit Vietnam I will definitely stay at this hotel.


  41. Looks wonderful, I'd love to go!

  42. Lovely post, gorgeous photos.
    Such stunning hotel!
    take care and keep in touch

  43. Wow, what a beautiful hotel! It has so much charm and character! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics with us:)!

  44. Βeautiful architecture!


  45. great photos . Oh I love dragon fruits! yummy!


  46. I love little more than staying in a lovely and luxurious hotel. This one clearly fits the bill. I love the attention to detail, both in the hotel itself and in your post about it. The food looks amazing, and I just adore that Joan Baez painting! Who knew!?

  47. loving that place! no wonder wedding pics are there

  48. WOW! Absolute perfection tied with a macaroon bow!! Take me there IMMEDIATELY! hahah
    xx Corinne
    Cat Eyes & Thigh Highs

  49. Wow, it looks so amazing! Love to read your blog! Greetings from Zürich

  50. Loving the photos, doll! As always, you give me the travel bug! :)


  51. Wow! How wonderful you went to Vietnam! I really want to travel to that part of the globe :) It's on my list! The hotel looks beautiful. Hope you had a great Summer.

    Xx Daniëlle

  52. Nice banister. Well the hotel looks a well treasured place.

  53. What a beautiful and historical Hotel. The design is quite romantic and so French. I bet the food will be delicious there. Good thing it was not destroyed during the Vietnam War.

  54. Thank you everyone for your all these lovely comments. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my little tour around this very special and unique hotel!

  55. This looks like a lovely hotel and you got some great photos. I was in Vietnam for our honeymoon last year and did a handful of blog posts on our trip. I loved it there.



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