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Thursday, 19 March 2015

miss b loves....Notting Hill, London

I have always been attracted to colourful buildings so it's therefore no surprise that Notting Hill is one of my favourite areas of London. 

Notting Hill now has a reputation as an affluent, fashionable area with house prices to match! Around every corner there are row upon row of impressive Victorian terraces .....

There's no shortage of high end shops, boutiques, cafés and restaurants especially along Westbourne Grove ...... 

Mary Portas, the English retail consultant, well-known for her retail and business television shows, has opened one of her Living and Giving Shops for Save the Children here and as you would expect it's a very stylish charity shop!

Daylesford Organic Farmshop and Café (a favourite of ours!) has a branch on the high street too...

...but for a change we opted for the neighbouring 202, a chic concept store and restaurant specialising in brunch which I can highly recommend. So good that I had finished eating before I realised I hadn't taken a photo!

A short walk will take you to the famous Portobello Road, another brightly coloured street....

It's home to Portobello Market, which is one of London's top ten tourist attractions. During the week, locals buy their fruit and veg when it's quieter but the main antique market, apparently the largest in the world, is on Saturdays. 

I wandered into Alice's Antiques ....

...where this sign caught my eye and made me smile .....

Biscuiteers, which I have mentioned here before, is close by and they had a cute selection of Mother's Day themed biscuits.

Notting Hill is the location too for the Notting Hill Carnival and of course the area was made famous by the romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. 


....and finally .....spring seems to have come early in this part of England and I couldn't resist a photo of just one more pastel coloured house!


  1. Alice's Antiques looks so intriguing and like one of those places you can wander into and not emerge for hours and hours! I can relate to appreciating colourful buildings painted in pastel colours, it can be such a breath of fresh air - and particularly when all the brickwork is brown where I live! My favourite example of beautifully painted buildings is St Tropez in the South of France - they can be incredible to photograph!! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  2. Miss B, such a great post. The film is one of my favorite ones, maybe because I was Young and free and watched it at the cinema with a very very nice guy. Sweet memories of some years ago. Portobello Market is such a great place! I am a treasure hunter and it would just be a dream to have a walk over there.
    Have a great day!

  3. Miss B this looks like Easter eggs...so pretty. Love the redbud tree!

  4. Hello Miss B! So nice you featured a bit of London today, you know, I think Id love Notting Hill for the pastel shades as well, how lovely! I only visited it once and I was 14, so I havent my memory of it but as you mentioned, I remember it from that movie too. What a shame you didnt take any pic of the place where you ate lol sounds so good!:) Portobello Street is also very cool and famous, I remember of Biscuiteers, still wanna go there:) Hope spring comes soon also here, still weather isnt at the best!:/ Many kisses! xo

  5. What an absolutely charming and fabulous place. I regret not visiting Notting Hill when I came to London a few years back. Everything looks so wonderful and I would never want to leave. I am all about color so this place is just perfect for me! The shops look so delightfully and how cute are those biscuits!


  6. Oh yes, Portabello, such fond memories. I love all of your photos. Of course, I love Biscuiteers as well. I still look at photos from my tea party table from last year. Marvellous post miss b, as always. <3 Wishing you a lovely weekend. /Madison

  7. miss b, Notting Hill is so lovely. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the movie yet. Now, you have me interested. I love all the colored buildings, and that picture of the blossom tree and the pink door is so pretty. Biscuiteers sounds charming, and I would love one of their yummy buscuits to go with my tea right now. How fun it would be to browse through the antique store. That's my kind of place for sure.

    Oh, what a delightful place this is. I can see why you like it so much. I wonder if the girls went here when they visited London? Have a terrific day, miss b.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. We still in Notting Hill during our last visit to London and it is such a lovely area. I think we'll need to book another visit soon :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. Hi Miss B. What a wonderful place and so full of charm. Notting Hill is a beautiful place, The colored buildings are incredible and I love the pink door.
    I would love to visit here one day and see these sights. Just amazing.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    Hope you are enjoying the new season soon. Happy Spring!
    Hugs, CM

  10. Miss b, I, too, haven't seen the movie but I love Julia Roberts. Your photos are always so lovely and a visual escape. I've heard of Alice's and would like to spend an afternoon at the antique market. As a designer, I always appreciate the trade rate =) Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, Brenda

  11. It is such a charming area! I'm so glad you covered what shops were nearby! I would LOVE to visit. I mean, there is an Anya Hindmarch shop there? Love her. HaHaHa I've heard about biscuiteers and Alice's, but I didn't know they were in that area. SUPERB! Absolutely SUPERB!

  12. J'adore ce quartier avec ses maisons colorées, ses brocantes, c'est super sympa. L'été dernier, notre balade à Notting Hill s'est terminée plus vite que prévu à cause d'un gros orage...dommage... ;)

  13. Gosh, the colours are so charming! Oh my, that movie is certainly one of my favourites, dear. Thanks for sharing & TGIF! xoxo

  14. Des photos sublimes pour un endroit que j'aime beaucoup ! Je crois que tu connais déjà ma passion pour Londres ! Covent Garden et Portobello restent mes endroits favorites ! J'adore flâner par ces ruelles colorés, c'est tellement mignon ! La dernière fois on avait mangé à Ottolengui, que je doit dire on avait rencontré par hasard !
    Ps: je réussie à faire des moelleux à l'After Eight !

  15. I think it's been a year since I've last been to Notting Hill. I love it when the market is on and when the streets are busy!


  16. And do you know it's changed so much. I used to live in London many years ago when I was at university and I'd often visit this area but I don't recall seeing so many colourful buildings so I think that it is a tradition that has just built up over the years. You certainly don't see anything like this in Birmingham and if you did I think it would be frowned upon rather than appreciated - only Notting Hill can get away with this I think ha ha. I love Portobello market but haven't been there in some time but I certainly understand why it is one of London's top 10 hotspots. London is definitely due a tourist visit from me soon - often there just for work!

  17. Amazing place and photos, miss b !!! These colorful houses are absolutely beautiful and there are so many interesting stores !!! I would love to visit this place some day !!! Wish you a beautiful weekend !!! Greetings !!!

  18. Notting Hill looks like an amazing area! I can see why it is your favourite, but if I was living in London, probably it would be my favourite spot too! Love the colourful buildings! Spring is one of my fav season, love all the blossoming trees! Thanks for the virtual tour, miss B!

  19. It's beautiful and full of colour. So different from other areas in London like Mayfair and Chelsea. Daylesford is my favourite too. Very nice feature especially the Alice Store.

  20. We ALMOST went to London a couple years ago when were traveling to Brussels and Paris.. just ran out of time unfortunately. The colors are so pretty! The pastels are stunning. I too enjoyed the film;) xxleslie

  21. Lovely place!! Nothing Hill is one of my favorit area for shopping when i go to London! Thank you for sharing the photos, and show it! My favorite shop is Alice! And i have lots photos for remember London when i am far away, in Madrid, my home.
    Thank you for your coment in my blog, and i want you has a very good week end!


  22. Love this so pretty! Cannot wait to get back to London. Hope you are having a beautiful Spring! xx Kim

  23. Looks like spring has already arrived there! Wonderful pictures and I like also colourful buildings especially when they are so tasteful as the buildings you show here :) Wish you a wonderful and happy new week!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  24. I used to live 15 mins by foot near Notting Hill when I first settled here in the UK 9 years ago. It feels like it's been more than that. The first spot I had to see was the book shop featured on the film. I sometimes go back and every time I do, lots of memories about certain points in my life always come back. A friends lived there 3 years ago and I used to visit. We used to have breakfasts at Mike's. I think The Breakfast Club is more popular now. I'd love to visit again one of these days :)

  25. Ahh this place is so cute! It's so nice that you were able to stumble upon so many cute stores! I love the color scheme--it looks like it's straight out of a tea party!

    <(') hoda | joojoo azad

  26. This is beautiful. Love the pink door and all of the pastel colors.

  27. Oh how I miss London!! What a lovely post!

  28. This so makes me want to go to London!,

  29. Beautiful photos. I love the pastel buildings. Everything is so beautiful.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  30. The colors are so beautiful! I just love the pastels. <3

  31. It's been a pleasure as always to read all your lovely comments about Notting Hill. I'm pleased to see that you like the pastel coloured houses as much as I do. If you haven't yet visited this area I can guarantee you will enjoy it!
    Thank you all very much!

  32. The pastel colored houses looks cute! I've never been in London but I have to go there someday!

    -Yasmin J. L. L.


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